Sinners at the Altar : Sinners on Tour

  • by Olivia Cunning
  • Narrated by Justine O. Keef
  • Series: Sinners on Tour
  • 15 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When Sinners tie the knot, things don't always go as planned.
"Appetite for Seduction" - Epilogue to Backstage Pass
Lead guitarist Brian Sinclair may have finally won Professor Myrna Evans' heart and her consent to wed, but being part of a high-maintenance band might just ruin his long-anticipated wedding day and steamy wedding night. Will the couple ever find a moment's peace or are some things more important than a night of uninhibited love-making?
"Sweet Love of Mine" - Epilogue to Wicked Beat Drummer
Eric Sticks is determined to marry sweet and sassy soundboard operator, Rebekah Blake, on the spur of the moment. But can he really offer the love of his life the wedding of her dreams in a small, unplanned ceremony? And can Rebekah offer Eric the one thing missing from his life that never realized he wanted?
"Patience" - Epilogue to Rock Hard
Lead singer Sed Lionheart never really wanted a big fancy wedding. He just wanted the girl. But his hot-tempered fiancee, Jessica Chase, has her heart set on a memorable ceremony and she is determined to persist through the aggravation to have the wedding of her dreams. The ceremony turns out to be memorable, all right, but not necessarily in the way they'd planned. Can the stressed-out couple recognize what's really important on their wedding day, or is the honeymoon over before it even begins?
"November Rain" - Epilogue to Hot Ticket
Professional dominatrix Aggie "Mistress V" Martin is madly in love with bassist Jace Seymour, but she's not in any real hurry to marry him. She's not really the wife "type". That all changes the moment she lays eyes on the perfect place to say "I do". With more than one obstacle in their path to wedded bliss, will these two ever make it down the aisle or will everything fall apart at the whim of others?


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Customer Reviews

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Another Fantastic Sinners Book

OMG!! Olivia Cunning has done it again!! Sinners At The Altar was well worth the wait! I got to fall in love with my Sinners, esp. one Brian "Master" Sinclair, all over again. I even got myself a new Sinner to love, yes, and his name is Malcolm "Mal" Trey Sinclair!! I'm not sure what Myrna and Brian are going to do with him, since he has his father's cover model good looks and his Godfather's ornery/cocky attitude, even down to that grin, and heaven's forbid he is as talented as his father or his Godfather, and, not to mention, he has everyone of those Sinners and Lady Sinners wrapped around his pudgy little finger. That little guy is a trip and I loved every minute of Mal. I hope we get more of him, esp. older Mal in the Exodus End series since Trey is his Godfather!! And my goodness, that Trey Mills never stops with his insane antics and I love him for it!! You can never get enough Trey Mills.

Brian and Myrna's story was very good. Goodness I love Brian. He has the best heart and he is so romantic. He really loves his wife. Myrna is a very lucky lady. Yeah, there were times when Myrna's jealousy was a bit much, but we have to remember that this story is coming out after we read all of the other Sinners on Tour books, so we know she never acted on it, but we also never really got to know how Myrna really felt after she witnessed Trey's obvious love for Brian and knowing that Trey wanted Brian for himself. However, I will say at one point she went way too far and I didn't really enjoy what she was doing because I felt that she only wanted to do it because of her jealousy when it came to Trey and she was trying to prove something that did not need to be proven. Brian loves her heart, mind, body and soul!! He is hers and she is his!!

Sed and Jessica's story was very good up until a certain point. I thought that Jessica had redeemed herself after she totally came across as a WITCH in Rock Hard to me, but nope, she still made Sed's story not one of my favorites once again. I was thoroughly enjoying the story and was happy with the outcome of the situation with her mother, but then Jessica once again turned into a total WITCH. Her behavior was totally unnecessary during the dinner and, once again, I was left wondering what Sed saw in this woman!! Goodness, she was awful. She needs to learned when is the proper time to assert her "Independent Woman" stance and then maybe we can take her seriously!! I am also tried of hearing about how smart she is. Umm...Myrna is very smart too, as are all the other Lady Sinners, and we don't hear about how smart they are every two seconds. If you have to say it that much it makes one wonder. In my book, the smartest thing Jessica ever did was marry Sed.

Eric and Rebekah's story was very good. Their story was so sweet. It really showed Eric's romantic side and how far he would go to show the woman he loves just how much he loves her. Rebekah is a very lucky girl to have Mr. Eric Sticks as her husband. Eric is silly, loving and has a heart of gold. I know Isaac was terrible to Rebekah and Eric, but I feel so bad for him, because Trey really messed him up and I want him to find a HEA.

Jace and Aggie's story was absolute perfection. I loved the fact that there were 2 stories happening at one time. I loved that we got to see just how sensitive Jace can be, and the same for Aggie. I loved seeing how much they have progressed in their relationship when it comes to showing their feelings for each other, esp. Jace. He is so darn cute and lovable. Their vows, esp. Jace's, were so romantic and absolutely geared towards them and their love for each other. They were perfect. My only complaint was Starr. Yuck!! I did not like her and her jealousy, and I am really hoping not to have to read about her anymore. She was tactless and tacky!! I was happy to see that, besides the other Sinners, Dare was involved in Jace's wedding as well, since it was because of him that Jace was even a member of Sinners.

I cannot wait for Sinners in Paradise and I really am hoping that we get Sinners Rock the Cradles sooner than later. I have to admit that Sinners At The Altar has totally gotten me all excited for the Exodus End series. I wish it was coming out RIGHT NOW!! So, I just wanted to say thank you so much Olivia Cunning for giving us Sinners fan more of our guys, and for giving me, in particular, one baby Sinner by the name of Mal Sinclair!! I love that little guy. When he grows up he is going to be worse than his father and Godfather combined, so the ladies better watch out!! Hahahaha!! Very well done, Olivia Cunning. I can't wait for the next Sinners' book!! Keep those Sinners coming!!

As always Justine O.Keef was outstanding with the delivery of the story.
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- Lia "I love all genres of books. However, when I listen to audio books as I clean, garden, drive they are better with a lot of heat!"

Brought me back to the Addictive Sinners world :)

Any additional comments?

I am a HUGE fan of Olivia Cunning... I love the Sinners on Tour Series, every book had all of my devoted attention and this wonderful book was no exception... Sinners at the Altar includes four very Sexually Sexy wedding stories, each story is an epilogue to a different book in the series and each is about a different member of the rock band and there fabulous partners... Over all this book was Supper Hot - as expected from the great Olivia - and I really enjoyed listening about each of their weddings. Each story was wonderfully different from the other and included the entire band, some Roadies and members from Sole Regret... (Yummy, who i also Love)... I am soooo looking forward to her next book "Sinners in Paradise" Please hurry Oliver :)

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- karen "Hot romance/Sci Fi we're so lucky to have Audible to feed our book addictions. I love walking my precious dog Sydney & listening to my books"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-08-2014
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio