Shades of Gray

  • by Carol A. Spradling
  • Narrated by Valerie Gilbert
  • 8 hrs and 19 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Mail order bride Kat Bailey has more to fear than malicious rumors about a crazed murderer. But a woman with no money or family has few options. She quickly learns that her intended groom is not as honorable as Hampton society believes him to be. Beaten by her betrothed, she seeks refuge in the home of the most feared man in town.
Accused murderer, Grayson Gregory is more interested in guarding a family secret than clearing his name. When a broken and battered woman collapses on his doorstep, he is reminded of a torturous past he can't escape. Kat may have opened old and festered wounds, but he can't deny the fire she ignites in him.
Kat is determined to uncover the truth about Gray, regardless of what she finds. As their attraction to one another grows, Gray must confront his dark past in order to keep her safe. His secrets unfold, forcing him to choose between a new love, or to remain plagued by the demons of his past.


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Customer Reviews

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old setting

What disappointed you about Shades of Gray?

didn't know that this was based on the 1700

Would you ever listen to anything by Carol A. Spradling again?

no, if it is based that far out

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- psettles

This story just didn't do it for me.

What disappointed you about Shades of Gray?

This story didn’t do it for me obviously. I usually love stories like this but no. Perhaps it was Cat’s stupidity that did me in? I don’t know. I’m not sure what could have been different to make the story better either, besides a different female lead.

Has Shades of Gray turned you off from other books in this genre?

Of course not!

Would you be willing to try another one of Valerie Gilbert’s performances?

Of course. I've listened to several audiobooks that Valerie has narrated, but I wasn’t really a fan of the narrating she did this time around. It seemed like instead of just talking normal she was doing a loud whisper. Strangely, whenever one of the characters spoke her voice was normal, but as soon she went back to telling the story, the loud whispering began. Now I’m not sure where she recorded her narration but there were a few times throughout the audiobook when I’d swear I’d hear a car horn or some other background noise.

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

I usually love historically based stories. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on the fact that Cat didn't act like a typical 19th century female that made this not seem like a good story? I don't know. Of course, I've read stories involving nontraditional female characters but there was just something about Cat that I wasn't a fan of.

Any additional comments?

I wasn’t really a fan of Cat. Given the time period she seemed really forward with Gray. I was really surprised how easy it seemed for her to just move on after having been attacked by Reese. How long had she been there (like two weeks) before she started having feelings for Gray? The whole love aspect of this story moved a little too fast for my liking. It seemed more like it was forced given the fact that they never really spent all that much time together. Cat was also so…I don’t even know what word I’m looking for, but it’s a negative one. Thinking that Gray was untrustworthy because he hadn’t told her that Lilly was alive. Um, hello. He’s only known Cat like three week’s tops. What did she expect? Plus, it was none of her business. The fact that Gray had already told Cat that he cared deeply for her and didn’t want her to leave him...and she’s still unsure about Gray’s feelings? Seriously?

When Cat sees the small portrait of Gray there’s a smudge of gray paint in the corner. Of course, for whatever reason she has no clue the symbolism. She knows that Gray loved his wife, his wife loved him, and based off her expression in the picture it was obvious she was with someone really cared about. So why didn’t Gray automatically pop into her head?

Why was Cat so shocked with how mad Gray got when he found her going through stuff in the baby’s room? Hello….! It was private, both the room and the boxes it held.

Lilly needs Gray to be her father not her uncle. What a horrible thing Cat could have said to Gray. I don’t understand why she would have even said this since Lilly had her real aunt and uncle caring for her. It was almost like Cat wanted to replace Daria. Gray has Lilly as his daughter and Cat takes Daria’s place. The fact that Marta brings up Gray taking Lilly home with him is a bit much. Both ladies talking about Gray caring for his child on the same day. Marta didn’t even seem that upset while she was talking to Gray about losing Lilly. What was with her saying that Lilly needed him on a regular basis? Again, she had her aunt/mom and uncle/dad taking care of her.

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- Melissa and Josh

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-16-2013
  • Publisher: Carol A. Spradling