Scottish Werebear, Books 1-3 : Scottish Werebear

  • by Lorelei Moone
  • Narrated by Patrick Blackthorne
  • Series: Scottish Werebear
  • 7 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Three for the price of two. For the first time ever, a handy collection of the first three novellas in the Scottish Werebear series. Titles include An Unexpected Affair, A Dangerous Business, and A Forbidden Love.
Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair
When romance novelist Clarice Adler hides herself away in a secluded holiday cottage to finish a book, the last thing she needs is another relationship. Imagine her surprise when she falls head over heels for the man who runs the place.
Derek McMillan knows Clarice is his mate, but he's a bear shifter, and she's human, and the two simply don't mix. They are literally worlds apart; can they find a way to come together?
Scottish Werebear: A Dangerous Business
As part of the Alliance, bear shifter Aidan McMillan is hunting the Sons of Domnall, a secret society of humans sworn to destroy all shifters. Along comes Heidi Blackwood, his fated mate, and it suddenly becomes nearly impossible to focus on the job.
Scottish Werebear: A Forbidden Love
Alison Campbell has been told that shifters are evil and the world would be a better place without them. In her efforts to infiltrate the Alliance to gather intel for the Sons of Domnall, she comes across Jamie Abbott, bear shifter and Alliance leader, who doesn't seem so bad at all. In fact he seems to be all her heart desires, and the feeling is mutual. Where will her loyalties lie when it becomes time to pick a side once and for all?


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4 Werebear Stars

I really enjoyed each of these 3 short stories. They are all separate but they all connect.

I loved how shy Clarice was the one to bring Derek out of his shell.
But he was also the one to show her there is more to life than work. But it was more a feeling of trust being as he is a Werebear and she is a human.

I never would have figured Aidan to be the one to sit back and wait for his mate to see they were meant to be. It was kind of nice for the male to have such faith that it will work out the way it was supposed to.
Daughter to the Alpha wolf pack Heidi, goes in to the Alliance to make sure everything is on the up and up. Even though Wolves and Bears have had an alliance for a while it never hurts to make sure everyone is being treated equally. Can a wolf and a bear become mates?

What if you were told all your life about monsters and people being coming animals. Would you could you trust yourself when you meet one face to face? Alison has to decide are shifter truly evil like she has been taught all her life?
Jamie is the leader of the Alliance and someone or something is trying to infiltrate it. He is on the hunt for who that is. Only who does he trust? This Alison seems sketchy but his heart knows her.
I love the trust that has to go on not only in Jamies story but in all of them a great audio for sure.

*All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.*
“This Audiobook was given for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”
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- Pam Audio-Fanatic "Audiobook Addict, yep that is me. There is a group of us! Check us out on FB. >:-)"

Light listen / stalker-ish heroine

I'm sorry, Lorelei.

(I feel really bad that I have to give a low rating to this author's work. I think she has real potential, but it just isn't evident in this book.)

I really liked the premise of a heart broken woman who writes romance novels, and who rents a cottage in Scotland while she recovers from a bad break-up and finishes her latest book. I thought this was a great idea. Unfortunately, the first story, and what I read of the 2nd, isn't fully fleshed out, and what there is, just doesn't make sense in a romance. In a thriller? Yes! Just not a romance.

What I did like was the flow of the story. the author really conveyed the sense of her character being in a remote place alone while struggling to finish her book. The language was spare and atmospheric and I really wish she would have stayed with that. It would have been a very different book.

Clarice arrives at the cottage in Scotland, where she meets, and is attracted to the owner, Derek McMillan. He is handsome, muscled and keeps his distance. But every day, he brings her food and leaves it on her porch. Unfortunately, the gift of food doesn't make sense. They don't speak to each other or interact at all, and it just made me wonder: Why is this guy feeding her?

The food causes Clarice to assume Derek has a wife who cooks, and when the opportunity comes up, he doesn't correct her assumption. He prefers his solitude, and doesn't care to get to know someone who won't be there long. But Clarice is so attracted to him that she feels guilty because of his wife, even though she's never met her. She's so curious about the woman, that she sneaks over to his cottage at night, and looks in his windows trying to get a look at her. (Stalker much?)

Clarice is so obsessed with Derek that she changes the description of the hero in her book to look just like him, and she thinks about him all the time.

But -- NOTHING HAPPENS BETWEEN THESE TWO PEOPLE that could cause Clarice to think that they have a relationship. Nothing.

So, when Clarice learns that Derek doesn't have a wife, she completely freaks out and falls apart, way out of proportion to the situation. She's upset that he 'lied' to her, and 'betrayed' her. (Betrayed her? Because he didn't tell a stranger his private business?)

She gets so upset she crashes her car.

(Clarice acts exactly like a stalker who has fantasized a relationship that never existed.)

It was bizarre.

Then they have sex, because he says she's his mate. But at no point do they ever have a real conversation before that happens. He says she's his mate, she believes it, they have sex, the end.

The narration is a bit disappointing because this story takes place in Scotland, with characters who are either Scottish or from London, and yet the narration is American. I've heard worse, but an opportunity was lost by not using accents.

Bottom Line: Light listen with a stalker-y heroine and insta-sex. Can't recommend this particular book, but I'll be keeping my eye on this author.

FYI: I received this book for free in return for an honest review.
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- bluestategirl "I need more ears!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-16-2016
  • Publisher: eXplicitTales