Rewriting Destiny : Forsaken Sinners MC

  • by Shelly Morgan
  • Narrated by Tia Sorensen
  • Series: Forsaken Sinners MC
  • 8 hrs and 8 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

When life gives you lemons, it's time for shots of tequila.
That's my new saying in life, and trust me, life has handed me lots of lemons.
My name is Danielle DeChenne, and for 18 years I took every punch "destiny" threw at me. Now, I'm no longer a naive girl. Traumatic abuse will do that to you. I was forced to grow up too fast, and the one person I depended on - that gorgeous Marine, Zane - turned his back on me. So now I say screw the lemonade and just give me a bottle of Jack Daniel's, because I don't believe in destiny anymore.
There is no pre-destined path set out for each of us. That crap doesn't exist.
Sometimes bad things happen; it's just how the world works. It sucks, but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your life. Even if it's an impossible task.
I'm done sitting around and waiting for my life to change or something good to fall in my lap. It took me awhile to understand, but once I stopped being the doormat for destiny, it was time for me to take control. Now I decide where I go in life and what will happen. It won't always be pretty, it will sometimes hurt like hell, but I will make sure I live my life to the fullest.
Then the gorgeous Marine from my past returned with a vengeance - except this time, I was ready for him.
It's time to rewrite destiny.


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This isn't so much of a 'Biker' story but rather it's the story of one sweet 13 yr old's journey through life's emotionally vicious waters until eventual she finds herself and her HEA... with the Forsaken Sinners MC. It's the 0.5 Prequel to a Biker series but first you're taken on Danielle's sweet and innocent tight friendship with the boys next door - Zane and Zeke... and the joy, happiness, emotional turmoil, hurt, heartbreak, betrayal and devastation that happened to her along the way because she'd mistakenly trusted wholeheartedly and loved completely - Zane.

Danielle's journey took many years, and skipped four, but she emerged from her previous life's ashes a new woman... Dani - an independent fiery woman, capable of protecting herself and her heart and a badass who was loved like a Princess by a family of 1% Outlaw Bikers... and she fit right in. Even though it had been many years since she'd last seen Zane somewhere in her bricked up heart was a crack that let all the memories in.... of lost love, of regrets, of broken promises - and of a night that changed everything. But there's two sides to everything and she hadn't heard Zane's side YET... but that was about to change because Destiny had come calling for her.

Although this story was set mainly in Danielle and Zane's teenage years it wasn't giggling girls and whispered secrets because Danielle only had one friend... Zane and it was his confusing and conflicting actions that brought about so many intense problems. That and the failing health of the only person who loved her... her precious Grandmother who'd taken her in when she was Motherless and abandoned by her Father. It was a bitter-sweet story of a young girl's feelings of friendship and love for a boy who was determined to keep his distance. But when the years had turned that misunderstood boy into a man... then it was game on.

Worth a credit? Good roller-coaster story of young love and all the emotional confusion it brings with it, the tale of one girl's struggle against life's bitter lemons and the angst, dramas, heartache, passion and sex as one of those lemons finally catches up with her in her adult years. It's also a great introduction to various Members of the Forsaken Sinners MC. Told from Danielle's POV and a sprinkling from Zane's too which gave you insight into his motives and heart. However, for me, the narrator couldn't do male voices... let alone Alpha males and it lost a star because of this - however, IMO, it's still creditworthy and the foundation stone for a new exciting Biker world. SPOILER & WARNING - there is a brutal rape scene.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Be Prepared to Be Up Late!!

I have to agree with the other people that submitted their reviews on this book, It was a great Love-story!! I started listening to it right before I went to bed and I ended up staying up until 3 am I could not put it down!!! I guess I have learned my lesson to never start a book before bedtime I am having a difficult time staying awake at work today.

This was a great story from the beginning to the end and it was definitely worth the credit!!! This was my first book I have purchased from the author Shelly Morgan. I hope she continues to put more of her books on audible because I love her writing style!!

I am afraid to give anymore information on the book because I don't want to give out any spoilers on the book (if I haven't already done so), but I highly recommend this book to all.
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- Gloria

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-15-2016
  • Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC