Pia Does Hollywood

  • by Thea Harrison
  • Narrated by Sophie Eastlake
  • 4 hrs and 30 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

After making a diplomatic pact with humankind and the other leaders of the Elder Races, Pia Cuelebre, mate to Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyr, reluctantly heads to Hollywood to spend a week with the Light Fae Queen, Tatiana, before the busy Masque season hits New York in December.
Dragos has never let the lack of an invitation stop him from doing anything he wanted. Unwilling to let his mate make the trip without him, he travels to southern California in secret to be with her.
But when an ancient enemy launches a shattering assault against the Light Fae, Dragos and Pia must intercede. The destruction threatens to spread and strike a mortal blow against all of the magically gifted, both human and Elder Race alike.
Working with the Light Fae to neutralize the danger, Dragos and Pia find their deepest vulnerabilities challenged and their most closely held secrets threatened with exposure.


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It's the Diplomat's decree that all Leaders of the Elder Races have to spend a brief time in other Realms so Pia has to spend time with the Light Fae and she's accompanied by her grumpy but loveable husband Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, who doesn't have, or ever cares to have, 'people skills' because he feels that his Laws are the only Laws that truly count. But he's devoted to his little family unit made up of his lovely wife Pia, his gifted son Liam and the mysterious (recently conceived) 'stink pot'. Dragos is very touchy-feely, is deeply in love (and lust) with Pia and has a healthy and unquenchable sexual appetite for her.... But she's not complaining!! He's true to his Dragon form..... all gruff, growls, smoke and outwardly tough but, underneath his hard exterior, he'd do anything for the woman he loves.

Dragos is not meant to go with Pia but he's not about to be told what to do, when to do it and he also doesn't want to be separated from her so he travels 'under the radar' to be close by. But, while Pia's meeting the Fae Queen and is trying to fit in at the Light Fae Realm, Dragos is left to his own devices which is unfortunate because he gets into a terrifying situation that has frightening and potentially deadly consequences when he's bitten and infected with a magical disease that will destroy him. There's a race against time to find a cure before he turns into a crazed Zombie type of monster but before he looses control secrets get told, secrets are guarded and an old secret of a twin's dark and hateful vendetta could reach global proportions. Because it's not just the Light Fae that's affected..... no, this disease has the potential to spread and destroy the whole of the Elder Races realms because already the Lord of the Wyr Realm has turned dangerous, is chained up, fighting infection and is powerless. But he has a secret weapon..... Pia's blood.

A captivating story, with a wonderful loving close family feel, it has sex, a powerful drool-worthy Hero, a strong magical Heroine who gets caught up in a terrifying race against time and she has to gamble with the life of her husband vs the life of her unborn baby (aka stink pot). This listen packed a lot in and seemed much longer than it actually was.

Worth a credit? Well if anyone can make me use a credit on a short 4.30 hr listen then it's Thea Harrison because the wonderful, weird and quirky paranormal characters that make up the Elder Races are so interesting, likeable, ooze charm and, in all the books, have a fun element to them too. Sophie Eastlake is also an important part of the enjoyment of this series because she is a skilful narrator who always brings the action, the drama and the characters to life and injects just the right emotion that each scene calls for. When I see the words Elder Races or Thea Harrison there's no doubt that I'll be hitting the Add To Cart button without the need to read the Preview.... so creditworthy - Hell yeah.

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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Pia saves the Dragon again....or does she???

Pia decides to keep the agreement reached at the Washington Summit. While the Light Fae Queen tries to get her to put off the visit, she doesn't tell her why she needs to. It is only when Dragos is attacked and infected that Tatiana tells them the truth. Pia only has hours to heal Dragos before she must take the injection to keep from losing the new baby and her healing power becomes suppressed. As Pia tries several times and Dragos own abilities fight the infection, we get little peaks at the new "Stink Pot." Whether it's Pia's healing or Dragos own or a combination of both, he does overcome the infection and then he goes "On the Hunt"....look out bad guys!!

This was such a fun book and we learn more about Tatiana and her twin sister. I think the twin sister had better watch out, she has made the Dragon made this time. As we have learned in other books, it is not a good thing to have the Dragon mad at you.

Thea Harrison and Sophie Eastlake have both done their usual great jobs. I'm glad there are only a few more days before Liam's story comes out. Also, I hope at some time in the near future Ms. Harrison writes a book about Liam and the Stink Pot. Dragos is going to have his hands full with those two, I can't wait to see it!
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- Kathy

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-10-2015
  • Publisher: Teddy Harrison LLC