Off the Record : The Record

  • by K. A. Linde
  • Narrated by Natalie Ross
  • Series: The Record
  • 12 hrs and 10 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

It all started with a question.… When Liz Dougherty’s first reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper finds her covering a state senator’s impromptu press conference, she has no idea how drastically her life is about to change. Senator Brady Maxwell may look the part with his devastating good looks and impeccable style, but his politics rub Liz the wrong way, and she’s not going to let him off easy. Liz’s hardball question catches Brady off guard and shows her editor, Hayden Lane, that she’s headed places as journalist. But to Liz’s surprise, she’s also headed for a secret, high-stakes romance with Brady Maxwell that could destroy the careers they each hold dear. Unsatisfied with sneaking around and realizing things with Hayden might not be strictly platonic, Liz faces a difficult decision: Should she take things with Brady to the next level or call the whole thing off? They soon discover that in love, unlike politics, there’s rarely a clear winner.


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Customer Reviews

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WOW! Just hit add to cart!

It's rare I find a contemporary romantic trilogy that doesn't disappoint, well Merry Christmas to me!

I have read books 1 and 2 now and the third is downloading but I wanted to get this review in before the weekend. The witty banter, the classy writing, the lack of made up drama, the amazing characters, I just can't say enough good things about this series! It doesn't talk down to the reader, it isn't all fluff and happily ever after and everything just magically works out, these books are raw and they feel like they could happen to people you know.

The tagline of this book should be “Even smart women can lose their heads over a man”. I found myself empathizing with this woman, she is brilliant, has the highest academic merit scholarship you can receive, she wants to be a journalist specifically for the political arena and all her planning and all her education couldn’t stop her from falling for a guy…the ultimate WRONG GUY! He’s powerful, he’s attractive, he’s in the spotlight, and he is a sitting Senator…why not just throw a vegetarian and a butcher together, they make about as much sense! She wants to be a hardnosed reporter uncovering scandal in the political arenas, she doesn’t want to BE the scandal!

This story holds on to you from the start, can she accept being a secret, should she even want to accept being someone’s secret? She’s smart, young, attractive…so why oh why can’t she get this guy out of her head!?!?!?!

Great book, I really liked it, even though I wanted to throw my phone out the window at a few spots…but if you ever found yourself wilting under the power of your lovers smile you will understand this book. Sometimes everything you thought you knew gets flipped all around when the guy you have fallen for simply smiles at you.

There isn't really a cliffhanger, no one standing over someone with an axe, but you are left with the "WHAT ....was that it? What happened next? be prepared with book 2.

Narrator was awesome! Sexy North Carolina accent for our deep talking leading man didn't hurt either!
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This is a well-written, well described story about the heartbreaking conflicts and decisions made when lust and love come between careers and dreams. It's definitely a "just one more chapter" listen as I didn't want to hit the 'pause' button and I couldn't wait to hear the HEA ending but at the same time I didn't want it to finish and then, oh then, when the narrator said those dreaded words TO BE CONTINUED.... well I was left tearing my hair out as it's book 1 of a trilogy and book 2 isn't out until August and I'm lacking the patience gene!!

Liz is studying Journalism and is now a Reporter for her College Newspaper but when she goes to a Press Conference given by the handsome, charismatic and drool-worthy State Senator Brady she's in awe. She doesn't agree with his politics and gets to ask him one question and that's all it takes for the mutual attraction and sexual awareness to kick in and she soon discovers he has it all - money, good looks, a body to die for, pedigree, sexual stamina and her. However, gorgeous Hayden, the Editor of the Newspaper, who she has had a crush on for two years sadly never made a move on her until it was too late.... or maybe not?

Yes, there's a political theme running through it as Brady is running for a place in the House Of Representatives so he can't let the forbidden and doomed relationship interfere with either his Campaign or his goal. So Brady and Liz have to keep everything secret but when there's secrets upon secrets and secrets between the lovers then their affair and blossoming love is threatened so eventually something has to give. The political aspect of this listen is slight compared to the touching, sexy and heartbreaking romance between Brady and Liz. Hayden also makes his move unaware that he has given Liz an alternative to the life she's currently leading. Told from Liz's POV except the last chapter which was an emotional insight into Brady's POV and there's some interesting secondary friends, relations and potential enemies.

Worth a credit? Definitely but, at under $10, I just bought it and saved my credit but if I'd used a credit on this listen then I'd still be smiling.
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-11-2014
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio