No Good Duke Goes Unpunished : Rules of Scoundrels

  • by Sarah MacLean
  • Narrated by Rosalyn Landor
  • Series: Rules of Scoundrels
  • 12 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A rogue ruined...
He is the Killer Duke, accused of murdering Mara Lowe on the eve of her wedding. With no memory of that fateful night, Temple has reigned over the darkest of London's corners for twelve years, wealthy and powerful, but beyond redemption. Until one night, Mara resurfaces, offering the one thing he's dreamed of . . . absolution.
A lady returned . . .
Mara planned never to return to the world from which she'd run, but when her brother falls deep into debt at Temple's exclusive casino, she has no choice but to offer Temple a trade that ends in her returning to society and proving to the world what only she knows...that he is no killer.
A scandal revealed . . .
It's a fine trade, until Temple realizes that the lady and her past are more than they seem. It will take every bit of his strength to resist the pull of this mysterious, maddening woman who seems willing to risk everything for honor...and to keep from putting himself on the line for love.


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Customer Reviews

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Couldn't wait for this to be over!

You know how you wish a good story would never end? Well, this story seemed endless! I couldn't wait for it to be over! The heroine was SO whinny and silly I felt like hitting my head against the wall and shouting: could this woman be any dumber! Really. Don't waste your credit. This book will just make you grind your teeth in anguish!
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- harp diva

Good Installment To The Series

I read some reviews after reading No Good Duke and I don't agree with the notion that Mara is a horrible heroine because she drugs Temple.

When Mara first reveals who she is, Temple is one shocked, angry dude - one shocked, angry, large, very muscular man named The Killer Duke who beats men up for a living and who has a reputation for never losing a fight. She had a knife and laudanum with her when she approached Temple. He took her knife and told her,

“You might as well sit. You’re not going anywhere.”

Unease threaded through her at the words. “What does that mean?”

“It means that you turned up outside my door, Miss Lowe. And I have no intention of letting you escape again.”

I totally understand Mara feeling threatened by that statement. She uses the only weapon she has and doses Temple with laudanum, leaving him a note that says, “I had hoped it would not come to this, but I will not be intimidated, and I will not be strong-armed.” I wonder what else she was supposed to do when Temple threatened to keep her against her will.

Mara’s a very literal woman - that’s simply how she understands the world, and it’s a common enough character trait in fiction. Early on Temple tells Mara, “Nothing you could say will make me forgive.” It makes so much sense that Mara believes him, she takes him at his word, and doesn’t even try to tell him what her motivations are/were.

Mara’s father was abusive, beating her and her brother for infractions. If that were my childhood, I suspect I’d be very slow to trust - as Mara is slow to trust Temple. Yes, this is one of those, “If they’d only talk to each other, this mess would be cleared up” stories. But I found the reasons for not talking understandable - frustrating, yes, but understandable.

And when she does fulfill her promise, I thought Mara's courage was impressive.

Like others, I couldn't put this book down. I thought the characters were believable, the plot riveting, the setting unique. Like others, I also found the end over-worked. Overall: very enjoyable.

Rosalyn Landor is a favourite narrator and she was outstanding with the delivery of the story
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- Lia "I love all genres of books. However, when I listen to audio books as I clean, garden, drive they are better with a lot of heat!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-26-2013
  • Publisher: HarperAudio