Lure of the Bear : Aloha Shifters: Jewls of the Heart

  • by Anna Lowe
  • Narrated by Kelsey Osborne
  • Series: Aloha Shifters: Jewls of the Heart
  • 6 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

There's not much that can get this grizzly shifter worked up - except a threat to the woman he has secretly loved for years. Then, all bets are off, and he's willing to risk anything - including the most closely guarded secret of his lonely shifter soul.
Trust issues? Officer Dawn Meli has a few. She's not ready to rely on any man - especially one who can turn into a raging beast. But strong, silent Hunter, with his steady voice and soulful eyes, calls to something deep in her scarred soul. So much so, that she's dangerously tempted to let her wild side free. At the same time, she has other problems to concentrate on, what with a valuable gem, a celebrity wedding, and a tropical storm all converging on Maui at the same time. Hardly the time to give in to simmering desire - even if destiny has different ideas.
Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart is a thrilling new series set on the tropical shores of Maui. Each story is packed with action, emotion, and romance! If you like Magnum, PI and smoldering hot, alpha shapeshifters, you'll love these books!
No cliff hangers. Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with adult content. For fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, billionaires, military romance, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, fantasy romance, and exotic, tropical locales!


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Customer Reviews

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Winning his mate

So loving this series. I can not wait to read the future books on Cruz and Silas, especially Silas the grumpy dragon. I glad I waited a bit before reading the book. When I first got the book and audio there was not whispersync available. But not to long later it was available for this book.

Now I loved the narrator’s voice but like the previous books she did rearrange sentences and leave words and sentences out. If you are not following along in the book then you will not be able to tell it. For me when a sentence was left out I would stop the book and read the sentence that was left out.

I just loved Hunter. We got to know him little by little in each book. He was a bear shifter that was shy, lonely, and carried some hurt and pain around. My heart really broke for him. Reading about his past I can not imagine what it was like for him growing up. This did not only hurt him but it hurt is bear as well.

I loved how in this series the animal appears to be a separate being living inside the person. You could tell by how they talked to their animal and their animal talked to them. This was the same case in this story. Hunter’s bear talk to him, encouraged him, make his feelings, wants and desires know. He also help guide him on winning their mate.

Officer Dawn Meli was having a hard time after seeing Hunter turn into a bear. This caused alot of emotions to stir inside her. She was scarred of what she had seen. She was also drawn to Hunter and could not get him off her mind.

I had several laughs when it came to Hunter and Dawn working the wedding of this night mare of a person, Regina the nightmare bride was truly something. That woman loved attention. What Hunter and Dawn had witness was almost funny.

Dawn will find herself in danger and Hunter will find a ghost from his past come back to haunt him. I loved how protective Hunter was of Dawn. I love how much he put her first. This romance will really sweep you off your feet. This is a book I would highly recommend.
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- Racycarr

Once again a pleasant experience listening to this

Having read the book, I was really keen to listen to this in audible and it exceeded my expectations.
I have posted a review for this book as well which I will include at the end.
I was able to listen to the story and detach myself from the tediousness of packing up my house, this saved my sanity.
Hunters shyness really comes through in audible and I love his dialogue with his bear even more than in the book.
Dawn’s inner dialogue and slow realisation that Hunter was still the sweet, wonderful person she knew as a young girl comes through so well.
The descriptions of Maui are colourful and make you wish you were there.
I still find it difficult having one voice do all the characters and while Ms Osborne does a great job, even my husband picked up on it whilst listening in the car when the baddie was talking. Little differentiation between characters. This did give us a good discussion matter however.
If you have never read or listened to an Anna Lowe book and love PNR you are doing yourself a disservice by not grabbing any of her books.
Such a sweet, sweet story. Had a soft spot for Hunter from the beginning.
I believe due to the fact we have known Hunter and Dawn are destined mates from earlier books, this was a bit slow in getting off the ground as we rehashed certain knowledge. Good for new readers, vexing for us following the series.
Once past this point though the story once again carried you along for a great ride.
We have known Hunter and Dawn are mates since book one but Hunter is so painfully shy and tongue tied around Dawn. He is unsure of himself and even his bear due to past trauma.
Hunter and Dawn were friends and nearly a bit more in high school but Hunter took off and joined the forces.
Having outed himself as a shifter to Dawn to save her life, he is feeling depressed thinking she is frightened of him and his bear. His dialogue with his bear was really lovely.
Having to work security for their respective jobs at THE wedding of the century on the island gives them time to renew their friendship and for Dawn to relearn just what a big softie Hunter is where she is concerned. Hunter was just happy to be near Dawn.
Oh Hunter, how I wanted to just cuddle him once we learned about his past childhood horrors, how sad it was.
Dawn was a nice surprise as we knew so little about her apart from she loved to book the Koa Point shifters for speeding all the time. This made everything we learnt about her interesting. Even police officers have background stories, this is one very put together lady even with her past trauma.
Loved the wedding drama, talk about reality TV gone mad. Laugh out loud.
I also liked Dawn’s landlady Lily, what a hoot she was ogling all the men.
We have another Spirit Stone literally fall into our Koa Point shifters lap and didn’t it once again help vanquish the baddie. Loved that bit so much.
This is my honest review of this book.
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- jamoz23

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-09-2017
  • Publisher: Twin Moon Press