Lorn : VLG

  • by Laurann Dohner
  • Narrated by Savannah Richards
  • Series: VLG
  • 11 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Being raised among a race of half-breed Vampires and Lycans has been far from easy for Kira. VampLycans despise humans - and her mother's human blood runs deep in Kira's veins. Unable to shift, having few VampLycan traits at all, Kira is denied acceptance from the clan, and the love of the man she's wanted since childhood. A little girl's crush that's bloomed into a desire so strong, it threatens to consume her. Suffering the pain of Lorn someday finding a mate is not an option.
With their evil clan leader, Decker Filmore, currently on the run, it's the perfect time for Kira to escape; to leave Alaska behind and attempt happiness elsewhere. Just one more day, and she's gone for good.
Lorn has a difficult decision to make, one that will change not only his life, but the lives of everyone he knows. He's been asked to take control of his clan. With Decker gone, the time for such a drastic power play is now. It's a responsibility Lorn has never wanted - but the choice is made for him when Kira is unexpectedly attacked, changing her in a way that should mean her death. Now, he'll do what it takes, kill whoever he has to, to keep her from being executed under clan law.
If he can defeat his enemies and gain leadership, Lorn will change all the rules for Kira - or die trying.


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This seris has a special place in my heart. I can't express how much I loved each book. Lorn is impressive in his strength, his love and his loyalty. I want me a Lorn. One of my favorite series. Excellent Narration

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- Deedra "Audible Addict!!! My Favorite books have change since joining Audible and my taste for erotic has enhanced! Follow me to the dark side. ;)"


In 'Kraven'...Lorn is approached by Valder, Aveloth, and other clan leaders to take the lead of his clan now that Decker is on the run.

Kira is a half Human/half VampLycan with her human traits more dominant. Kira and Lorn grew up together but once Lorn was able to mate he was told to stay away from Kira. While Lorn is fighting to take over the clan Kira is attacked while on patrol. This attack is life changing for Kira. When its noticed that Kira is missing Lorn searches for her, finds her and realizing what has happened takes her to his den where he cares for her.
NOTE: All of this takes place in the first 90 minutes of the book. The next 4 hours is a constant rehash of these events. I got so irritated I stopped listening twice. But I enjoyed 'Drantos" and 'Kraven" so much I kept listening hoping something would happen in the 2nd half and it did. The 2nd half picked up with action, suspense, and some sexy times.

Savannah Richards gave a good performance. Only thing I've noticed is that SR tends to have the same male voice for all the male characters.

Is it worth a credit/$$? I'm on the fence.

I really want Aveloth's story, the VampGargoyle; and Michael the Master VampLycan of LA could also have an interesting story.

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- Vicki "I just have to roll my eyes and say 'really' when someone writes in a review that the book was not 'realistic'...come on now 'really'!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-04-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios