Looking Glass Friends

  • by E. L. Neve
  • Narrated by E. L. Neve
  • 5 hrs and 45 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

** 2017 New York Book Festival WINNER **
** 2017 Los Angeles Book Festival WINNER **
** 2017 Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist **
** 2017 Pacific Book Awards Finalist **
** 2017 BookVana Award Finalist **
Ellie and Neil fell in love without remembering each other’s face. It all began with a book she had lent him. But not just a book, as she liked to say. It was Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a novel that readers around the world have ranked second only to the bible in influencing their lives. And when Neil read the last page, feeling changed forever, he wrote to thank Ellie. And she answered, because in his words she glimpsed the tragic flaw in both their lives.
For both were trapped in unhappy marriages, Ellie with a little boy. Family, friends, work, disillusionment—such was their existence. Until their emails began. Suddenly each found his soul’s mirror-image. Platonic love they called it. But their hearts raced with desire to see the face behind the computer.
Their marriages began to unravel. The delicate, glass-blowing artist Neil had wed bloomed out of his shadow. But the wealthy antique dealer who held Ellie as his prize possession waved his wallet like a wand and cast chains of gold around her. Even Ellie and Neil, finally meeting, felt too much like strangers looking into the unfamiliar eyes of someone who had no right to know so much about them.
Would poems and philosophy be enough to bridge this gap between their body and soul? Would motherhood permit Ellie to seek her “happily ever after”? Would Neil risk dragging the woman he loves into poverty? Would the bitterness of the past destroy the dreams of their future? In this tale of self-discovery, the meaning of love is linked to the meaning of life, and the endless potential that happiness holds is revealed in looking glass reflections of all we dare to be.


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Customer Reviews

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Definitely an Adult Romance - not for teens!

So it starts out Ellie is married to Jake and Neil is married to Faye. Ellie believes she is happy but Neil knows he is not. On happenstance Ellie gave Neil (who works at a bakery where she gets baked goods for her son) a book in which they fell in love with intelectually with each other. They exchanged emails and then phone numbers. Thus began a love affair of the minds. Both spouses knew they were communicating with each other but neither knew they were falling in love without even meeting. I say this is not a book for teens because it is more of an intellectual love rather than your usual teen romance story. And then the story really takes off and we find our secrets, plots and twists to each character. The narrator, who is also the author, did an amazing job. I usually do not like books where the author reads their own work because I believe it should be interpreted by a 2nd party and read from their POV, but on this book, she was spot on. Not a lot of range in voices but enough to know who was speaking. I think this author has a hit with this book and would do amazing with a love trilogy. I will definitely listen to this author as an author and a narrator again.
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- Lisa

loved it!!

Beautiful excellently written love story of two souls finding happiness with each other. well narrated!
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-22-2016
  • Publisher: Nothing But the Story