Landfall (M/M, Gay Merman Romance) : The Merman

  • by X. Aratare
  • Narrated by Chris Patton
  • Series: The Merman
  • 5 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The exciting conclusion to The Merman Series is here.
Gabriel Braven knows his destiny, but is he willing to face it?
Gabriel has only one day left on land before moving to the wondrous Mer city to live forever with his true love, Mer Prince Casillus Nerion. He wishes his greatest challenges were giving up making love on land with Casillus and telling his beloved grandmother that he is a merman. But ex-soldier Johnson Tims has other plans for him.
Twisted by exposure to the magical statute of the dread creature Cthulhu, Johnson intends to start a war with the Mers. He wants Gabriel to use his power as a Caller to bring Cthulhu itself to land, something that Gabriel has sworn never to do. If he does, everyone on the East Coast will die.
When Johnson takes the desperate measure of kidnapping Casillus, Corey, and their Miskatonic friends, Gabriel must come up with a plan to save both his loved ones and the entire Eastern Seaboard from death and insanity.


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Customer Reviews

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need more of the story

when you read the book in the back it tells you that there's a short story to finish off this story of when he actually goes down under the seat yet we can't get to it it needs to be put on to this site so that people can finish the story otherwise it's incomplete. can't leave off a story and not finish it especially if there is more to come
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- Amazon Customer

Good Story with Some Major Annoyances

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

It's hard to say. I would recommend it to someone who perhaps isn't as critical of the English language. For someone with a background in literature or writing of any sort probably not.

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

1. Not have used clinical terminology during the sex scenes. And not used such juvenile words. Of course, this is personal opinion, but I found the use of certain words during scenes of intimacy and sex to be very jarring, or down right anger inducing. I did not find that the scenes flowed well because I kept getting angry at the language used. And, let's be honest, there are so many terms and words for male anatomy in this day and age, there's little excuse to be using words that sound more like they came out of a text book than a romance novel. In fact, I got so mad at one passage I actually typed it out, rewrote it, and sent both to a friend who was listening to me rant at length. I am not sure if it was as bad in books 1-3, as I only remember getting into rage fits starting with book 4 and a lot in book 5.

2. I would use more varied "phrases" to refer to people. Namely, Johnson Tims. I swear, I have never been so vehemently _pissed off_ at an author for using the same term again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN, ad nauseum. The worst culprit of this is "the ex-military man". Which was used, so much, in such short order than I had to pause the audio novel to scream about it I was so fed up with the same damn term. When I finally calmed enough to press play, I was greeted with "the former soldier man" which sent me right back to seeing red. That one in particular was juvenile to say the least. There was no point in adding "man" to it at all, and it was such a slight variation to the nearly only way Johnson is described I count it along with the grossly overused "ex-military man". But don't worry. You'll also get to deal with "the former military man"! I'm surprised I didn't grind my teeth down to the gums. It is really, really grating to hear the same thing again and again, AND AGAIN.

What about Chris Patton’s performance did you like?

Chris is amazing. In the first book I felt like maybe he was a little too enthused in his narration. He was just constantly "on" and I didn't know if such an exuberant reading would be what I really was looking for. But as I've found with most of the books I buy, the narrators fit the main characters so well that I fall in love with their narration.

Chris is a perfect voice for Gabriel, and the voices he creates for the others are so enjoyable. They all come off so distinct that it's actually hard to remember them all having been created from the same person. Their voices are all their own. I think Chris's performance was perfection.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

I enjoyed the story. And there were many scenes of sweetness and fluff, or innocent interactions between Gabriel and Casillus that had me beaming with delight. Overall, it's that enjoyment that pulled me through to the end.

But if I had to pick one feeling that stood out as extreme, it was my utter rage at the repetitive language use. Clinical terms that jarred me out of the sex scenes is one thing. But to hear the same phrase to reference someone dozens of times, literally... it's like a woodpecker knocking on your skull. Even if it's managed to be longer than a few sentences, which often it _is not_, every new use is one more peck boring into your skull and into your brain. I don't doubt that any mention of soldier/military persons will cause some sort of instant rage in me for some time simply because of this story. It really is that repetitive and that numerous. Even as something being listened to more in the background, it drove me to ranting, screaming rage fits multiple times.

Any additional comments?

If you are someone who writes yourself, are critical of what you read/listen to, or have a pet peeve about poor literary choices, and are just looking for m/m... stay away. If you have a deep love of mermen/fantasy in your m/m, perhaps suffer through it. Let yourself rage, and move on. I do not regret buying or listening to these books. But I also wouldn't inflict them on anyone who would share the same conclusions as myself.

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- Erin R Sanderson

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-01-2015
  • Publisher: Raythe Reign Publishing