Jaked : Jaked

  • by Sabrina Stark
  • Narrated by Erin Mallon
  • Series: Jaked
  • 8 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Jake Bishop can take a punch, but can he take a girl like Luna? From USA Today best-selling author Sabrina Stark
For way too long, Jake Bishop has been Luna Moon's ultimate fantasy - a bad-boy brawler with a wicked reputation. Lucky for Luna, she's finally wised up to the truth. Jake's too wild, too reckless, and too far out of her league, especially now that he's rich, famous, and too hot for any one girl to hold. A digital celebrity and troublemaker incarnate, Jake goes through girls the way some guys go through bottles of booze. Luna, a college grad whose fortunes are flaming out fast, has two jobs, one psychotic ex-boyfriend, and zero interest in repeating past mistakes. From now on she's determined to play it safe. No more bad boys. No more drama. And no more crushing on the likes of Jake Bishop. There's only one problem: Jake. One morning he shows at Luna's place, uninvited, to turn her life upside down. But why? To help her? To hinder her? Or to settle a score long overdue? No matter the reason, Jake Bishop is in for a big surprise because this brat from his past is all grown up and capable of bringing the baddest of bad boys to his knees.
A full-length novel, this new adult contemporary romance is the first in the two-book Jaked series. It features mature content, sexual situations, and adult language. It's not advised for underage readers.


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Luna's in hiding, she had a bad breakup with her ex where he trashed her place and stole her car so she stole a 'little black book' and ran, changed her name and is now working two jobs that she hates and is living in a dump. Her stripper roommate has had a man over for a few nights and they're constantly at it but she's never seen him. She gets up to get a drink in the early morning and who should be sitting half naked in their tiny kitchen..... her childhood crush and ex friend Jake. Great banter and some witty dialogue ensues.

Jake's a very alpha, charismatic, handsome man of few words, he's wild and reckless and tells her to start packing she's going with him and takes over when she refuses and she also finds out he's ruined her jobs too. So with no money, no work so no income, nowhere to stay her options are low so she has to go with him but there's trouble on the way to his place and she soon finds out that he's famous too. He's rich but where does his money come from... well slowly she pieces it all together but he's a bad boy man-whore and he's no good for her and he tells her so. However, their sizzling chemistry wins out in the end and there's some nice sex scenes but there are so many questions about why she was there, questions about him, loose ends and people causing angst and interfering that she knows that their blossoming relationship can't lead anywhere.... no matter how she tries. And just who does the little black book belong to because it's not her ex's and it's a powerful weapon but who can she trust.... if anybody.

But this listen was so ANNOYING with my pet peeve of "he said", "Jake said", "Luna said".... on and on and on it went during every conversation then you start getting focused on what words are they going to use instead of "said" like "I asked", "he replied", "she demanded", "I told him", "I pleaded"..... arghh (I'm pulling my hair out) it was so bloody distracting. It was also totally unnecessary because the narrator was good at all the various voices and it has me wondering if the Author or Production Team took the time to actually listen to the book because if they did then they would hear for themselves just how utterly frustrating and painful this feature makes a listen.

Worth a credit? Told from Luna's POV, good storyline, interesting characters, building plot and budding love story and, if you can overcome all the "saids" (as I had to because I became hooked) then this was a creditworthy listen but it has a CLIFFHANGER ending. I think I will get book 2 because I want to see how their story ends but I know it will be another painful listen. If I knew beforehand about them I wouldn't have purchased this listen.
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What a waste of money

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

Not if I want people to like me! No

Would you ever listen to anything by Sabrina Stark again?

Only if she promises to stop using the phrase "he said" "she said". Call me slow but when two people are talking you can generally get away with this direction once or twice however its used throughout the story like punctuation. Grrrr

How did the narrator detract from the book?

don't know don't care

Could you see Jaked being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

Well I didn't finish the book so I wouldn't expect the series to get past the pilot episode

Any additional comments?

Please go back to book keeping>

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- Richard

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-20-2015
  • Publisher: Sabrina Stark