His Brother's Wife : Days of the Judges

  • by Mary Ellen Boyd
  • Narrated by Pamela Lorence
  • Series: Days of the Judges
  • 9 hrs and 21 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In the days of ancient Israel, Hannah is a woman oppressed. Her once-hopeful marriage is a nightmare, her husband Levi is violently abusive. Hannah believes it is because she is barren, and if she could only give him a child, all would be well. But no child comes, and she does not know how long she can possibly endure. She prays for release and after six long years of Levi's cruelty, he suddenly drowns. Hannah is finally free, free to heal her body and spirit. But she has forgotten brother-in-law marriage, and Levi has a brother. Far from being free, she is given to Joshua, whom she barely knows, and Hannah fears being plunged once more into the nightmare she just left.
Joshua is a virtual stranger for one reason. He fell in love with Hannah the day she married his brother, and he has kept his secret, and his distance. Now he has what he always dreamed; he has his brother's wife. It seems too good to be true, that God has given him his dream. Surely there must be punishment for his coveting.
Indeed there is. All is not well, not with Hannah nor with the farm he inherits with her. Joshua faces a mystery that he must unravel, and in the doing risks losing everything he thought he knew about this brother he loved before Levi's plot traps both Hannah and himself.


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Character's Names & Widow Tradition Biblical But..

Character's Names & Widow Tradition Biblical But that is all.

This book is about a love triangle, of sorts. There's a Bible verse at the beginning of each chapter, and explanation of the Old Testament tradition/law for widows marrying, but other than the names of the characters – Levi, Hannah & Joshua – there is no biblical attachment to the story, in my opinion.

A romance that finds Joshua in love with his brothers wife from the day they were married. Hannah has been severely abused by Levi because she is barren. When Levi died, the biblical concept of a brother must marry his widow to carry on the deceased brother's namesake comes into play. Joshua and Hannah marry and must work through many challenges including her wariness, a farm that is destitute, slaves who are to be freed according to their contract, in the near future and many more challenges make this book interesting and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed it.

Pamela Lorence is good, a bit slow for my preference, but listening to it at double speed solved that problem. (I listen to almost all of my books at a faster speed.) Her ability to tell the story without distraction is a rare gift.

Notes: Nothing to warn of here. There's no strong language, mature themes or violence. Suitable for any audience.

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- DK "No spoilers! Love HOT, sexy books w/a plot. No vampires, paranormal, teens 4 me. I also review in exchange for books-lots of fun surprises!"

Good listen

Joshua has loved Hannah since the day she married his brother 6 long years ago, but said nothing. According to the Law, he must marry her after the brother's death, so that a child can inherit his property. This is the story of how they each come to deal with the after effects of an abusive first marriage, and the unfolding treachery of the dead man.

I enjoyed this. As the story unfolds, we see how each of the characters changes and grows as Hannah learns to trust, and Joshua comes to understand just what kind of person the brother he loved really was.

The narrator had a good steady pace which suited the book. Each character was clearly recognisable. without any of the unnecessary exaggerations sometimes used to denote characters of the opposite sex. There were a few rather odd pronunciations, but not enough to distract from the story.
All in all, well worth listening to.
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- Ariana "My favourite authors include: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, David Weber, Lois McMaster Bujold, Georgette Heyer, Ben Aaronovitch, J D Robb."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-02-2015
  • Publisher: Mary Ellen Boyd