Hawk : Burnout

  • by Dahlia West
  • Narrated by Mason Lloyd
  • Series: Burnout
  • 7 hrs and 11 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Hawk Red Cloud lives by his own set of rules: Don't let them share the saddle, don't bring them home, and never spend the night. So far he's managed to avoid commitment like the plague.
Tildy Fletcher's parents set rules for her. She would never think of breaking them; she knows all too well what would happen if she did.
Hawk and Tildy are from two different worlds, but there's no denying the attraction between them. The rules are designed to keep them apart. Will they be willing to break them for a chance at true love?
Contains mature themes.


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Writing a review for a book that's just been an 'ok' lukewarm listen is so difficult - there were parts I liked and parts I didn't.... but sadly, there were no parts that wowed me. Hawk is a handsome 'one an done' alpha Sioux hero and he's happy that way until a tiny naive virgin called Tildy slowly penetrates his carefully erected walls. Tildy comes from wealth and arranged marriages and never questioned, disrespected or broke any of the rules or demands that her controlling parents forced on her... it was just the expected way of things. However, when her path crossed with Hawk's and her cherished talisman broke, Tildy was speechless and in awe as she saw it as a sign that she was going to marry this huge handsome drool-worthy man. But Hawk wasn't then, or ever was going to be, on or in the market for love.

So, chapter after chapter, Hawk pushes Tildy away and she became a bit of a pitiful character as the group of ex Rangers/best buds would talk and sympathize with Hawk over her misguided assumptions. But that all changed when Tildy started to be hurt, threatened and eventually kidnapped because everyone could clearly see that Hawk really cared.... well everyone except Hawk of course who continued to 'friend zone her'. Tildy went on with her life... following orders, getting engaged to a man who really didn't care and being the dutiful daughter... but she dreamt, hoped for more and grasped what she could.

It was hard to squeeze any romance out of this listen when the Hero was always shunning the Heroine - oh it was obvious he cared but just not enough to change or do anything about it. Even when they did eventually 'get it on' it was him doing her this huge favor... and still he coldly turned his back away from her. There was also a time when Hawk tried to forget Tildy which really didn't sit well with me and he sank even further down my mental list of hot heroes.... before slipping off it completely. The last few chapters is where all the acceptance, claiming and HEA's are.... but sadly by this time I really wasn't bothered whether they got together or not. Dual POV's and the narration was good.

Worth a credit? Who knows why books are praised by some and dismissed by others.... so all I can say is that unfortunately this listen, and it's characters, just didn't captivate me, wow me or give me that warm satisfied feeling as others have. This series started off so well and with lots of potential but now, after this and the previous book, I realize that the Burnout series is sadly not the right fit for me... but we're all different and you may see gold where I only see bronze.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Good Girl! Bad Boy Biker! The Perfect Match!

Another Awesome, Exciting, Suspenseful story in the Burnout series! Full of Drama, and Sexual Tension with a plot that's more comparable to the first story in the series! The best part; this story builds on the two previous stories, and has a strong presence of the entire Burnout crew and plenty of their joking and banter. I love this series and characters!

Some spoilers/teasers:
The huge and sexy Hawk Red Cloud does not do second dates or even sleeps with the same women twice……well most times, and that's just how he likes it. He's polite, and kind to women, but he's not looking for a long time commitment. His inability to commit to any long-term relationship is due to deep rooted reasons.

Hawk runs into the sweet and innocent Tildy at a convenient store, and offers to assist her when her car brakes down in the parking lot. He's the perfect gentleman, calls in a tow truck, and takes her to the Burnout mechanic shop where Shooter looks over the car and orders the part. Hawk's definitely interested in a one night stand and invites her to Maria's. However, he soon changes his mind when he learns she may not be playing with a "full deck." He may have changed his mind about bedding her but after learning more about her, he definitely wants to be a real friend to her.

Tildy is the perfect rich daughter….. well at least she tries. She's learned to never argue, do as she is told, and accept what her parents want for her. This is how she has always been until the faithful day she meets Hawk and receives a "sign" they are meant to be together. Since meeting Hawk, Tildy slowly learns to go after what she wants; however, trouble soon follows her, and Hawk starts to see red.

While Hawk and Tildy's relationship is the main plot, there is a heart wrenching subplot with Shooter and Slick.

I recommend this series even with it's ups and downs. No character is perfect, they all have their flaws but each are lovable in their own way. Looking forward to Easy's story!
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- Cheri "I'm a Romance Junkie! Love Whispersycn Deals! Tips I use: Sort reviews Most Recent; play with narration speed, some narrators sound better."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-19-2016
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio