Gypsy Rose : King of Cardenas

  • by Elise Marion
  • Narrated by Kate Walsh
  • Series: King of Cardenas
  • 11 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Tatiana Angelo always dreamed of a life of opulence and glamour. When her cousin became the wife of the King of Cardenas, she was swept away by the intrigue and decadence of palace life and became the jewel of the royal court. Catching the eye of a rich and titled lord seemed like a dream come true, but a few months after their whirlwind elopement, Tatiana found herself abandoned by the man she once thought loved her. Now, all she wishes to do is return to her previous life, one of simplicity and freedom. When Adrian Wilshire enters her life, Tatiana is certain she's found in him the freedom and passion she desires. Despite the scars left on her heart by her past love, she throws caution to the wind and opens herself to the possibility of a future with him. But when the truth of his identity comes to light, the pain of his betrayal is too much to bear. Yet, despite her anger and sadness, she finds that turning her back on him will be harder than she could have ever imagined.
Can Adrian fight the dangers of the present and the ghosts of the past while claiming the fickle heart of the Gypsy Rose? Can two broken hearts find comfort in each other and lasting love? Elise Marion's Kings of Cardenas saga continues with a story of heartbreak, passion, deception, and love.


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Bravo!!! Bravo!!.. This story falls on the heels of the lives of Gypsy cousins. The first one get the eye of the 3rd son of the king. They fall in love then the 3rd son becomes king. The Gypsy family members are involved in "Court" of the upper crust. (But no one knows they are gypsies) The leading cousin from the 1st book in series his happily married with children & the royal brothers have accepted their lives & roles. This book is about the little cousin living in the palace that was fooled by evil insane jerk that "married" her just to take her virginity. Then left her. She later finds out that the jerk has done the act before & was already has married. He had left his 1st wife & kids several years ago. The jerk is mentally ill (syphillis). So criminally ill that he forces sex with his twin sister by getting her addicted to drugs. (ick) This story finds the younger (gypsy) cousin falling "in love" AGAIN.. Dropping her panties AGAIN after briefly meeting a handsome stranger that they both (he/she ) feels is destiny...Turns out the handsome stranger is the half brother of the Mentally ill jerk. Things get really bad due to mis trust (on both sides) and rumors and gossip ruin EVERYONE'S good times..

This was a great story to listen to. It made me want to slap the the 2 main characters. In the male leads defense. He want to wait befor getting intimate so fast.. SHE pushed it. The story has some sad and scary situations with great fight scenes & suspense. Descriptions of different races and sexual orientation. Even women warriors. (cool) However, I did cry at the end. But, Elisa Marion did a wonderful job writting this story and Kate Walsh's accent and talented voice was wonderful. I assume there is another book after this one about another member of the gypsy clan. Can't wait. This was worth every penny and more.. THANK YOU Elise Marion for an exciting tail that seemed to include so many types of people.. Thank you.. MORE PLEASE.. Perhaps one about the african amazon warrior wife?? I didn't read who she was matched up with on the security team...Gotta be amazing story there.
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Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-12-2014
  • Publisher: Marion Press