Fly You to the Moon

  • by Jocelyn Han
  • Narrated by Melissa Huso
  • 2 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

After her father's death, the last thing Ava Windsor wants is to leave Earth and move to an Elite colony on the moon for the next 10 months. Nicolas, a half-uncle she doesn't even remember meeting, is to be her custodian until she reaches the age of 21. Until then, she is not allowed to touch the money her dad has left her. Being the only child of a disowned Elite father and a common mother just got a lot more complicated. But surviving among the Luna Six Elitists who treat commoners as servants should have been the least of Ava's worries. Nicolas Carter is nothing like she expected. He condemns the Elite lifestyle, he is a lot younger than her father, and he is definitely way sexier. Ten months on the moon seem like an eternity if you know you shouldn't be falling for your guardian - but just can't help yourself. A sweet, steamy romance novella for lovers of New Adult with a hint of Futuristic.
Content Warning: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18 plus.


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Customer Reviews

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ok story, barely taboo, very bad ending

This love story on the moon (though Ava is from earth) between a 20-year-old woman and her dad’s 32-year-old half-brother will be uncomfortable for some due to the distant biological connection between the H (Nicolas) and the h (Ava). It wasn’t for me. This story occurs in the 22nd century. The two didn’t grow up together or really even know each other prior the meeting that resulted in their love affair. This type of relationship didn’t seem strange in their culture. Some of Ava’s statement showed her youth, which was annoying at times, while also realistic, so…. I really enjoyed how the author addressed issues of classicism between the “elite” and the “commoners”. It didn’t come across as though the author had an “agenda.”
Once Ava and Nick got physical it just seemed to be like any other relationship. Their biological connection was forgotten. Ava was the one to initiate it at first. And, initially, Nick fought his attraction and acting on it. But, once revealed, the first reason given for him fighting the attraction was dumb. But that was soon fixed by them talking about the realities of them being together. That very realistic moment made up for some of the more dull or dumb parts of this story.
The sex scenes were too quick and a bit boring. I don’t know if it was how the scenes were written or how the narrator depicted them, but, either way, they didn’t work for me. And I think it was a bad combination of both.
Then the story ends abruptly without any type of closing. More than once I checked to see if I had skipped over something. Even now I’m still wondering if there’s an error with the recording b/c I just can’t believe that ended as it did. If that ending is an attempt to get people to buy a sequel, I am unlikely to be among them. The beginning of the story was better than the middle and the end.
Overall, the author succeeded at making this somewhat “taboo” relationship quite plausible and only mildly problematic or “taboo” as the listener.
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- Kd

Out of this world ...

Any additional comments?

Ava is sent to live with her uncle after her father dies. This is a man that she doesn't even know or really remember. How is she suppose to survive living with him until she is old enough to receive her inherritence.

At first, I was leery of a story that took place in outer space but the author really made it work. I loved the story line and the prospects of more adventures and tales about these characters.

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- Elizabeth L.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-13-2014
  • Publisher: Kemah Bay Marketing LLC