Druid Vampire

  • by KuroKoneko Kamen
  • Narrated by Patrick Zeller
  • 12 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A brooding Druid vampire who runs a tattoo parlor....
A vampire running a tattoo parlor? Probably not the best job choice. But Derek Dearg doesn't care - tattooing is one of the few skills he has besides hunting vampires using Druidic magic. And since decapitating vampires with ink creatures doesn't pay the bills he doesn't plan to close his shop Voodoo Tattoo in San Francisco anytime soon.
An old friend who has become the deadliest of enemies...
Sunny San Francisco, probably not the best place for a vampire to live either. However, Derek has been pursuing his archenemy, Slaine Morvyn, an evil vampire who killed his wife, Cinnia, more than two millennia ago. Derek lives only for avenging his wife's death, and once he's finally taken Slaine's head plans to go out into the sun, and burn himself to ashes.
The red string of fate ties Derek's destiny with one special woman...
When an unexpected customer arrives in the form of Rebecca "Becca" Thorn, cyber socialite and blogger, his carefully laid plans go out the window. In centuries, there hasn't been a single woman that has managed to capture Derek's attention, but the southern belle has. There's something irresistible about her that makes him unable to control his vampire impulses. He would desire nothing more than to sink his fangs into her throat, and sample her delicious blood....


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Customer Reviews

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I received the audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. Caution spoilers included.

The plot of story was quite good and sounded interesting. The narrator was excellent - loved his changes in accents, etc. The writing was not as good as the plot.

I thought the historical remembrances were the best part of the story. Those were written better than the modern-day part of the plot. There were some inconsistancies in that part of the story - most notably - Coran was Diegg's father and high priest, he was the one that tortured Hunchback and Diegg defeated his father, yet a few weeks later Coran was officiating at Diegg and Cynna's wedding?! He's no longer high priest or leader of the clan and yet is still officiating as if nothing is wrong?

As for the inconsistancies in the modern day part of the book - no particular order - how could Slane lick the blood off Becca's arms when he still had his gas mask on (author writes later on that he removed his gas mask after nightfall, after he healed Becca.

Dracula ASKS his victims if he could turn them?! They are his enemies and he's asking them to allow him to turn them? They are chained up, they can't do anything, and he just doesn't bite them?

I find the writing full of cliches, which is annoying. The zombie, and the vampire chicks are extremely annoying.

The author continually repeats information that the reader has just read/listened to, which is extremely irritating. Some can be as simple as repeating the description of a character, others whole sequences of his past that was just written. They mention four times who Dracula was and how he became a vampire and about the vampire saliva and how if the victim didn't drink the blood they became ghouls.

And honestly.....Becca stealing Diegg's credit cards and going shopping, then the next day racking up even more shopping as if there was no problem .... and no morals to speeding his money?!! Really?!!

As well, the way the druid vampire hunters way of 'training' her - letting personal attitude to get in the way, or lust ..... I really wish the author had chosen to make this story either a historical paranormal story or an erotic wet dream and not try to do both. Getting an arousal during training and having to leave to go take care of the problem? And during the fights - let's have each side stop fighting to coo over their lovers and make sure that they are all right! All the druids had to do was hit them over the head while they were distracted in that way. And I would have thought, even if their battle tattoos actually did the fighting, they would know how to fight physically as well rather than standing around watching their battle tattoos fight when the vampires could come up behind them when they were concentrating on the tattoos and either hit them over the head and break their concentration or bite them.

On a positive note, and there are some .... as I said, I think the historical part of the story is better written than the modern day part; but I did like Diegg's friends, and I really liked the arch angels .... poor Gabriel being dragged to the vet's!
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- Kelly Kenrick

That Voice!

I already love this book, but Patrick Zeller's voice is amazing. The audio is very useful when you are cleaning around the house and have your hands full.
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- Shayla Brooks

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-17-2017
  • Publisher: KuroKoneko Kamen