Druid Vampire

  • by KuroKoneko Kamen
  • Narrated by Patrick Zeller
  • 12 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A brooding Druid vampire who runs a tattoo parlor....
A vampire running a tattoo parlor? Probably not the best job choice. But Derek Dearg doesn't care - tattooing is one of the few skills he has besides hunting vampires using Druidic magic. And since decapitating vampires with ink creatures doesn't pay the bills he doesn't plan to close his shop Voodoo Tattoo in San Francisco anytime soon.
An old friend who has become the deadliest of enemies...
Sunny San Francisco, probably not the best place for a vampire to live either. However, Derek has been pursuing his archenemy, Slaine Morvyn, an evil vampire who killed his wife, Cinnia, more than two millennia ago. Derek lives only for avenging his wife's death, and once he's finally taken Slaine's head plans to go out into the sun, and burn himself to ashes.
The red string of fate ties Derek's destiny with one special woman...
When an unexpected customer arrives in the form of Rebecca "Becca" Thorn, cyber socialite and blogger, his carefully laid plans go out the window. In centuries, there hasn't been a single woman that has managed to capture Derek's attention, but the southern belle has. There's something irresistible about her that makes him unable to control his vampire impulses. He would desire nothing more than to sink his fangs into her throat, and sample her delicious blood....


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Customer Reviews

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Entertaining, but Didn't Draw Me

I requested a free copy of this book to read and I am volunteering to submit this review.

I have always enjoyed supernatural/ paranormal and fantasy and this book did delve into those realms nicely. I was appreciative of those elements and how they were represented. I really enjoyed the Druid clan and their magic. It was a new twist on something that I've always enjoyed. I liked how so many different aspects of paranormal/supernatural fantasy were represented, too. So many different creatures and powers to consider. I also liked having a taste of ancient times for more of a standard fantasy appeal, and then modern urban fantasy as well. They sustained me through my read.

This book also taught me something important - I am NOT a romance enthusiast. In fact, I think I prefer to keep that to a minimum. Frequent descriptions of people's extra tight, extra attractive appearances just distracted me from a story that I otherwise enjoyed well enough.
I deducted 1 star on story because I became too distracted by the romance portions to enjoy the plot. This is more on me than on the author, though, due to my preference

The other star deducted from story was due to some aspects of the story feeling too convenient. Some events that took place, or when people came through difficult situations, just felt a bit weak. I really like to have everything solid and planned for. Again, the occurrences in this story felt, to me, like they were just made up on the spot so that our heroes could be heroes.

Patrick Zeller brought the characters to life just as I would hope for in any story. 5 stars for his performance.

All in all this is a solid 4 star book and I don't regret my time listening whatsoever. For me, anything 4 stars and up is worthwhile, and worth a credit. Thank you for the opportunity to listen.
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- Daniel Abrams


I received this audible book promo code via goodreads. It was a struggle to get through for sure. There are some very cheesy moments, inconsistencies and a lot of eye rolling. Especially when Dracula came into the picture. It was so stupid and ridiculous. Anybody that has ever read a Dracula book would know this is not how Dracula would act or speak, SMH...

I have to say the flash back moments were so much better than the present happenings. That was pretty much the only parts I really liked about the story. Derek/Deareg was not as strong a hero as I like and Becca was barely okay.

The worst part is it is 12 hours long and the last sentence was "to be continued" seriously?! WTF?! The book was drug out long enough and had plenty of other characters to move on with the series that it did not need to be continued. UGH! ARRRGGGGG.... In addition it could have been shortened by about 3 hours by removing the cheesy unnecessary parts.

As for the narration it was good. I liked Patrick Zeller. He did a good job with the female voice and read with emotion. I would listen to him again.

I appreciate the promo code and am sorry but this book was not very good.
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- Tracy T

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-17-2017
  • Publisher: KuroKoneko Kamen