Declaring Spinsterhood

  • by Jamie Lynn Braziel
  • Narrated by Johanna Parker
  • 5 hrs and 27 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Emma Bailey is fed up with the dating scene, and if she hears her mother nag one more time about getting married…well, she’s had it, and she wants everyone to know it. In a moment of clarity (or insanity?), she announces to the world that she will never marry. No husband and no kids; no worries about diapers, driving lessons, or divorce. Her friends are there for her, but they’re also involved in their own lives and loves, so off she goes into a world of casual dating. But what happens when the avowed spinster, the woman who has supposedly tucked her heart into a safe little space, suddenly realizes that her best friend Brian means more to her?
Jamie Lynn Braziel’s Declaring Spinsterhood delivers with this enjoyable romp through dating, friendship, and passion.


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Customer Reviews

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What is it the 1950's??

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

The book was average. Not bad - not fantastic. I won't be re-listening to it like I do with other books.

What could Jamie Lynn Braziel have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Seriously? Live in the 2014 instead of 1950s.

Have you listened to any of Johanna Parker’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

Not yet but she was excellent.

Could you see Declaring Spinsterhood being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

God no.

Any additional comments?

This book had a fine story line. This was ridiculously dated. Women now days don't have to wait for marriage to have sex, or get permission to have men sleep over. Every time something remotely "riske" happened (and Shakespeare was more bawdy than this book) the women all shrieked and went church. It was irritating. Guess what. Women now days don't need permission to have sex, it is completely okay to actually have sex for fun, AND shockingly - it is perfectly normal not not have to get married if they actually do have sex. UGH. Made me grind my teeth.
Instead of showing how women rebel against being pushed into marriage and motherhood (like many women feel now days) she emphasized the fact. Woman cannot be whole without a man.

Seriously? Like joke says "If my vibrator could mow the lawn I wouldn't get married"

Emma had a bookstore, was taking charge of her life - only to be miserable without a man. (insert cringe - teeth grind here)
Chicka, grow some balls, tell your family to f-off, and buy some toys.

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- Amazon Customer

Terribly Unlikeable Characters

Johanna Parker is a fantastic narrator and has narrated several exceptional books. She must not have read this book before narrating it. No one could read this twice.

The plot hinges on a declaration of spinsterhood by the main character. Thus the title. And she does "declare" it at lunch one Sunday. Then the book continues on exactly as before. Besides providing a few lines of dialog, the book totally ignores what was supposed to be the primary hook of the plot line.

The mother is emotionally abusive to the daughter. The father is one of those characters we are supposed to see as an upstanding moral Christian. Instead he is a mysogonist who thinks if his daughter would only carry a gun and find a man to guide her, no matter how big a tool the guy is, she would be worthy of his love. No one could be raised by these parents and emerge undamaged. And while the daughter gets angry at them, we are still suppose to believe they are good people worthy of the daughter's love. After all they are Christian, go to church every Sunday and the dad is a preacher. That must mean they are "good." Two words. Jim Jones.

On a blind date her loving mother made for her, her drunk date makes a sloppy attempt to grope and kiss her in a public place. Even though her dad was also a cop, she is totally helpless against the drunk groper. Her family response? Not -- take a self defense class. No. It is get a conceal and carry license so the next time your mother sets you up on a date with a drunk lech, you can blow his head off. This alone makes this book a great argument for gun control.

I could not finish the book. There could be no acceptable happy ending. And I was pretty sure the only satisfying ending, her parents getting killed in a violent shoot out, wasn't in the cards.
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- Lulu "I ignore genre labels. Some of my favorite books are outside my genre comfort zone. Listening to audiobooks is still reading. Not theater."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-28-2012
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio