Dark Horse : Class 5

  • by Michelle Diener
  • Narrated by Christina Delaine
  • Series: Class 5
  • 14 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Some secrets carry the weight of the world.
Rose McKenzie may be far from Earth with no way back, but she's made a powerful ally - a fellow prisoner with whom she's formed a strong bond. Sazo's an artificial intelligence. He's saved her from captivity and torture, but he's also put her in the middle of a conflict, leaving Rose with her loyalties divided.
Captain Dav Jallan doesn't know why he and his crew have stumbled across an almost legendary Class 5 battleship, but he's not going to complain. The only problem is, all its crew are dead - all except for one strange, new alien being.
She calls herself Rose. She seems small and harmless, but less and less about her story is adding up, and Dav has a bad feeling his crew, and maybe even the four planets, are in jeopardy. The Class 5's owners, the Tecran, look set to start a war to get it back and Dav suspects Rose isn't the only alien being who survived what happened on the Class 5. And whatever else is out there is playing its own games.
In this race for the truth, he's going to have to go against his leaders and trust the dark horse.
Winner of a SFR Galaxy Award 2016 and the Prism Award 2016 for Best Futuristic.


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Customer Reviews

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A Perfect Sci Fi / Romance Series You'll Love!

Last year when I found this series on Kindle, I was stunned by the beautiful writing, plotting and character development -- something I've never seen in a typical sci fi romance before. I could only hope that if the series was ever given the Audible treatment, that the author would choose the perfect narrator as well. And she did!

I LOVE sci fi romance novels, but too often the writing suffers from authors who lean a bit too heavily toward ever more bizarre alien sex scenes, and overly bit*chy dialogue for the women as a substitute for strength and/or wit. It gets old after a while, and I had given up ever finding a well written book in this sub genre, until I found this amazing series.

Michelle Diener is a wonderful author who can really write, and she has written three great books in this series. Each book contains a lovely romance, lots of action, and spectacular and well thought out science fiction -- it's a freakin miracle!

AND -- Christina Delaine is wonderful in this series, and performs it as well as any of the great narrators out there. I'll be looking forward to hearing more from her!

What a treasure!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (For anyone who loves sci fi romance, but also wants to read well written books!)

Note: There is no explicit sex in this series, and you won't miss it at all.
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- bluestategirl

Simply Outstanding

Without preamble, this audiobook is nothing less than excellent. I was extremely impressed with everything from the story, the writing, the narration... I simply can't say enough.

The story begins with Rose, a human from earth, escaping from a Techron ship. A prisoner for 3 months, Rose was abducted from a remote vacation cabin by the technologically superior alien race. She has been cut open, experimented on, and left to live in tight, horrible conditions. The only person she has to communicate with is the ship's AI. Then, the AI strikes a deal with her... If she frees him from the hardware that limits and restricts his actions, he will get her off the ship and into the hands of another kinder alien race more similar to herself. The catch is, she must take him with her and keep him a secret.
The story explores the concept of artificial intelligence in depth. Rose guides her new friend through his development of emotions, helps him develop a sense of ethics, and becomes his first true friend (a feeling that is reciprocated). However, the power and abilities of her new AI friend and his desire for vengeance on his former captors make him very unpredictable and a possible threat to her new friends and allies who have rescued her.

There is alien technology, space battles, multiple alien races, and great characters. Any fan of science fiction will surely like this book.

I believe this book could be classified as a Sci-Fi Romance due to the relationship the main character develops with the captain of the ship that rescues her, but I did not find the romantic components overpowering and they added more to the story and characters.

The narration was absolutely top notch here. One of the aspects of the story is the main character's ability to sing, so finding a narrator that was good with so many voices, has good inflection, keeps the right pace, AND has a good singing voice must have been difficult... But Christina Delaine was spot on for the entire book.

I have found one of my new favorite authors AND one of my top 5 favorite narrators. I feel like that's saying something since I've listened to hundreds of audiobooks...

This is a must read for sci-fi fans. 5 stars all around!
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- Striker

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-06-2016
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing