Crimson Debt : Born to Darkness

  • by Evangeline Anderson
  • Narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright
  • Series: Born to Darkness
  • 10 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Addison Godwin is a nonglam - one of the one in 10,000 humans who is immune to vampire glamour and mind tricks. Her gift enables her to work as an auditor, enforcing the law that vampires and humans keep their distance from each other except in a purely nonphysical way. The law is necessary because when a vampire tries to have sex with a human, their bloodlust combines with their sexual appetite, and the result looks like roadkill.
Alec Corbin is a four-star master vampire with piercing blue eyes and intentions to get Addison into his bed. He promises he can be gentle, but Addison has seen way too many vamp/human crime scenes to go for that. She has no interest in the six-foot-four hunk of sexy vampire man candy, even if he is supernaturally hot.
But just because she audits (and sometimes executes) vampires for a living doesn't mean she hates them all. Her best friend, Taylor, was turned against her will. Now living as a slave to one of the crueler master vamps in town, she leads a miserable existence, and Addison is helpless to save her within the confines of the law.
Things come to a head when the vampire inquisitor comes to town, and Taylor is given to him as a sex slave. When Addison sees her best friend tortured, beaten, and burned with silver, she knows she has to do something - even if it means teaming up with Corbin and paying the crimson debt.
Contains mature themes.


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If you love a hot PNR with a sexy, charismatic, confident Alpha Master Vampire in it, a feisty equally confident Heroine and a superbly written original plot that'll blow your mind then this is it. The imaginative world building and descriptive scenes allows you to graphically picture each intense scene and each character as the Chapters all too quickly whizz by.

Corbin is a drool worthy handsome 400 yr old Master Vampire and, in this new dark paranormal world, Vampires have to get stars tattooed around their eyes for every century they've been undead so Corbin has 4 sexy stars. He owns his own Vampire Bar where willing 'exchanges' (blood and orgasms) can be met and enjoyed but they have to be policed so everything must comply with the VAB (Vampire Auditing Bureau) who monthly send in specialized Auditors who, for some reason, cannot be glamoured and that's when Corbin first sees and yearns for Addison. Addison has to go to gruesome crime scenes where the horrific bloody evidence of Vampires having sex with Humans results in bloodlust, frenzied sex and brutal deaths which is why it's against the law. She hates Vampires and yet something unwanted stirs when Corbin keeps perusing her, making sexual advances and lets her know just what he'd like to do to her (he's got a very dirty mouth girls) and how very interested he is in her however Addison knows sex between them would be illegal and, in her eyes disgusting.

But her Vampire best friend Taylor (there's a story there) desperately needs her help when she is loaned out for the Inquisitor's twisted use and he's a 600 yr old evil and sadistic Master Vampire and the only person Addison can think will help is Corbin. Unfortunately his help comes with a deal.... a deal that'll have her devastated, humiliated, terrified, spanked and glamoured but she's also captivated, mesmerised, lustful, awe struck, sexually awakened and satisfied but so confused. However, she walks away but the Inquisitor is about to make demands, to manipulate and threaten with deadly, painful and heartbreaking results which forces Addison to rethink her beliefs, her career, her desires and her heart.

Worth a credit? This was just an outline of the very intense plot where there's a lot more nail-biting drama, sexual tension, character anxiety, angst with a Werewolf and a Witch and, weaved through it all, is a beautifully romantic and hot love story where both the Hero and Heroine are willing to pay the ultimate price to save the one they love. And a fantastic narrator makes this a practically perfect listen and oh so creditworthy.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

To all writers in this genre: PLEASE STOP with the dimwitted heroines!!

I am so frustrated with the inexplicable tendency of paranormal romance authors to create an ostensibly intelligent female protagonist and then force her to act like a nincompoop in order to force the story in a certain direction. Typically, the character's foolish behavior is explained away as "bravery." Let's be clear, whether in real life or fiction, the refusal to hold one's tongue when one's life is on the line is neither "brave" nor admirable; it's just stupid. An intelligent woman is capable of self-control, and she uses logic and strategy to defeat her adversaries, not foolhardy insolence.

Ms. Anderson is not alone in her decision to use this tactic, and I'm sure it's tempting when one needs to get from point A to point C but can't quite find the logical point B. But even if it's understandable, it's still not acceptable. It exasperates the reader, belittles the character, and taints an otherwise engaging story.

Despite losing respect and affinity for the protagonist, I enjoyed the rest of the story and finished it in two days. Still, at some point in the near future I won't be able to stand this practice anymore, so I beg Ms. Anderson and all of her talented contemporaries to PLEASE end this madness now!
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- Elis Law "Say something about yourself!"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-23-2015
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio