Broken Song

  • by Erik Schubach
  • Narrated by Hollie Jackson
  • 4 hrs and 42 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For almost two decades, Penny ruled the punk rock world. But then it all fell apart when she decided to leave it all behind. Losing her family, her fortune, and her fame, what else could happen? Her routine physical answered that for her. She decides to end it all, but stumbles upon a woman, Sandra, who shows her the power of true selflessness and love. This is set in the same world as Music of the Soul but is a standalone book.


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Sometimes There is A Happy Ending

OMG this may be my favorite audiobook.
I listened to this the day after The Old Man purchased it and I couldn't wait to listen to it with him. Stacy's Dad (his other name) may be bigger than most NFL lineman but he's as likely to cry at something sentimental as a teenage girl; it is so much fun to watch him try, and fail, to keep from crying, then to try and hide it from everyone. Well sure enough this one had us all in tears, as Erik Schubach works usually do. However it's set apart from the rest of the books in this series because it has none of the warts or moles the others have.
The first literary aperture the author avoids is in the idealization of the Penny Franklin character. Penny, after leading a charmed life for 20 years, more or less is hit with large amounts of misfortune in all areas of her life. These are the type of challenges that we all face at some point in our lives (okay perhaps not to the same extent). Penny's reaction is to "be all selfish" and throw herself off a bridge;.lucky for us all Sandra happens to be strolling across the bridge at just the right time and convinces Penny to give life and her a chance. Penny's initial reaction to Sandra's natural optimism is "oh I'll break Little Miss Suzy Sunshine here; I'll show her the real world, it will be good for her to know the true nature of life". As a reminder, Sandra spends most of her time helping the homeless and children (many of them terminal) who are on the burn and cancer wards in the local hospitals. I'll bet people like that are quite familiar the side of life Penny thinks she can show San. There was certainly quite a juxtaposition between Penny's self pitying attitude and that of the children she dealt with in the hospital. Think in particular of Yvette and the way in which she approaches a life that has included far more pain and far less positive experiences than Penny's. There came a time when her negativity about her life did become a bit tiresome. Add to that Penny 's belief that she was a control freak after stating that her record company and her husband were controlling her. Adding further to this was her comment relating that said husband never 'allowed' her to get their daughters a dog.
Sandra. I think I'll go along with Mandy Faye Harris that yes the world could definitely use a few more people with a heart as big as hers. I do have a couple of nits to pick in the details of the depiction given of her gifts and actions. While I suppose it's possible that idetic memory could be selective I'm not familiar with any studies that have identified it in individuals studied. Then there is math, or more specifically arithmetic Sandra's worst subject so to speak. Any study I'm familiar with indicates that memory and digital skills are usually closely related, if there was any subject that Sandra would excel at math.would be the most likely.
Like all of the last few books in this series all the main characters and some of the ancillary ones from previous works are included in the text. If you've followed Music of the Soul stories from the beginning you'll recognize the theme of the first book in the series here; and that's okay. The author's works are far more likely to engage you emotionally than they are to draw you in intellectually. Personally this book is already in my top 10, it not top 5.
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- Me & My Girls

Definitely one of my favorites

I love this book in the series. Each book can be read individually but the series read together in any order makes such a vivid and wonderful world come to life. Erik Schubach is definitely one of my favorite authors. I wasn't sure I could like this book any better than I did when I read it but the narration is just as fantastic as the story. Hollie Jackson does a fabulous job narrating every book with naration in this series so far.
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- Karen

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-05-2016
  • Publisher: Erik Schubach