Botanicaust : Botanicaust

  • by Tam Linsey
  • Narrated by Meghan Kelly
  • Series: Botanicaust
  • 10 hrs and 1 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The only crop left ... is human.
After genetically altered weeds devastate Earth's croplands, Dr. Tula Macoby believes photosynthetic skin can save the human race. Her people single-mindedly embark on a mission to convert the cannibals roaming what's left of Earth. But when Levi, a peaceful stranger, refuses alteration, Tula doesn't think the only options should be conversion or death.
Levi Kraybill, a devout member of the Old Order, left his Holdout farmland to seek a cure for his terminally ill son. Genetic manipulation is a sin, but Levi will do almost anything for the life of his child. When he's captured, he's sure he's damned, and his only escape will be death.
Tula's superiors schedule Levi's euthanization, and she risks everything to set the innocent man free. Now she and Levi are outlaws with her people, and she's an abomination with his. Can they find sanctuary in a cannibal wasteland?
Book One in the Botanicaust Series


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Customer Reviews

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Unusual and suspenseful

An interesting and unusual post apocalyptic audiobook. The world created by the author is unusual, innovative but a bit hard to get into at first. The cannibals, Amish, photosynthetic people and the reclusive techno cave-dwelling immortals were all a bit confusing and took some sorting out but once I had everything straight, I really enjoyed it. It is a fascinating world that has a complex mix of societies and they all believe that theirs is the right way to live. The main protagonists, Tula and Levi, are from very different societies and the development of their relationship is convoluted and heartwarming. This book had suspense, intrigue, romance and an original storyline. The narrator did a great job of highlighting the differences between the characters and expressed emotions well. I received this audiobook at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
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- Rabid Reader

Another Unique Apocalypse

Botanicaust is a rather unique post apocalypse world, after some botanical plague nearly destroyed all crops on earth. The book opens some unknown time after the apocalypse, but I'm guessing more than a couple of generations (there do not appear to be any people who witnessed it first hand left). At any rate, some of the characters have some knowledge of what they were told caused it, but that does come into question in the book.

Humanity in the area of the novel has segmented into several groups. Their are several groups of technically capable people, who see the rest of the uncivilized world as "the cannibals". This is based on their knowledge that there was a lot of cannibalism post apocalypse, so they just have the mindset that everyone non-tech are cannibals. The non tech world, as we start to learn however, is not as simple as "all cannibals". We learn early on that Levi is from a small Amish like community of non-cannibals. And much further into the book Levi himself is surprised to learn that they weren't the only non-tech non-cannibals in the wasteland, and discover there are others living and trading that aren't just wanting to catch and eat them. Yes, there are cannibals, but I don't believe the problem is anywhere near as wide spread as the characters all thought. At any rate, I think all characters by the end seemed to have gained an understanding that none of them were fully right in their beliefs, whatever they were, and had come to accept change.

The book was complete in itself, and didn't really end on a cliffhanger. But I'm really looking forward to the other books in this series - I hope they get made into audiobooks. I do hope perhaps that they delve more into the real "how" of the apocalypse.

The narration was fantastic, and the narrator was able to convey the different characters accents and the tones of the narration. I'd definitely recommend the narrator for continuing this unique series!
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- Michael Oberhardt

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-24-2014
  • Publisher: Tam Linsey