• by K.L. Grayson
  • Narrated by Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross
  • 8 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Everyone has one.
Some are close.
Some are dysfunctional.
Some are simply gone.
Nine-year-old Shae Black entered the Witness Protection Program after the murder of her father, mob boss Luca DiMarco. New name. New identity. And a ready-made family that had no idea who she really was.
Fourteen years later, a letter from a ghost thrusts Shae back into the life she was forced to leave behind. As secrets unravel, revealing unexpected truths, Shae sees an opportunity to avenge her father's death by destroying patriarch Sal Ambrosi, the man responsible for her father's murder. Getting to the heart of the family will be difficult, but nothing and no one is going to stop her - not even the heirs to the Ambrosi family empire.
She's prepared for the two brothers, Dante and Rex, to put up a fight, but she isn't at all prepared for the danger they will bring to her life and her heart.
One will love her.
One will hate her.
One will vow to protect her.
One will vow to kill her.
All in the name of family.


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Firstly the Publisher's Summary hasn't quite got the story right.. Shae Black had witnessed her Mafia father's brutal murder when she was just nine years old - it had been a cold blooded Mafia execution but Shae has blocked out most of the bloody memories. Shae had a very mysterious letter - and now, fourteen years later, Shae has returned to Chicago.. the scene of the murder, in the hope that something would trigger her missing memories which could return at any time.

The mysterious letter hadn't made any sense – no matter how many times she read it.. it spoke of secrets.. it spoke of a love affair.. and it spoke of more. That letter would eventually make perfect sense and bring her so much joy.. but first Shae will have to piece the clues together.. understand them.. meet the players.. get her heart ripped out.. face a murderer.. have her life threatened.. and feel the pain of heartbreak and betrayal. Love, happiness, revenge and a new family will eventually be hers.. but angst, drama and bitter words reveal life changing revelations.

When Shae first meets Rex, the handsome Nightclub owner, Shae turns the sexy as sin alpha man down but meeting him for the second time strengthens their all consuming blinding attraction and, what should've been an agreed 'one and done' deal, became so much more because neither one could deny their seismic off the charts chemistry and powerful soul-to-soul connection. Rex has women throwing themselves at him.. for his looks.. for his money.. for the notoriety.. or for his connections so he's perplexed yet grateful that Shae has no clue who he is and who he's related to. Rex and Shae are very happy together until Shae begins to piece some of the clues together.. and she didn't like where they were leading. Then, with a sudden twist or three, everything suddenly came flooding back.. everything became shockingly clear.. and everything went to Hell.

What a great dual POV blissful and entertaining story.. made even better by the wonderful narration of Kai and Wen and I love their style of narration (each sticking to their own gender's voices) which made the story flow smoothly as conversations felt real and natural. The characters are multi-layered - the alpha hero was drool-worthy, thoughtful, loyal, good and very vocal as he deliciously tells the heroine just what he intends to do to her.. and delivers every single time!! The heroine is determined to find answers, driven to uncover the truth and optimistic about getting the missing parts of her memory back.. but her sexy one night stand derails her plans.. well for a while anyway. Good secondary characters too. This isn't a love triangle between the brothers.. and, after the danger, drama and twists have settle down, Shae is left with both men loving her.. but in very different ways.

Worth a credit? Absolutely - it had charm, heat, passion and suspense that climaxes in deadly drama.. the mystery, the characters and the unfolding of secrets totally hooked me in. Certain parts wowed me while other parts were a wee bit predictable.. but I happily devoured the lot because this well-paced journey was such a sweet, sexy, all consuming and beautiful ride.
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Secrets come to life

OMG Kai and Wen brought this book to life.
K.L Grayson wrote an amazing book but the audio version made it out of this world.

When the Mafia is involved nothing is black and white. Family means everything but sometimes doing the right thing is for the best.

Shae and Rex fall for one another with out knowing the truth of the past.

This book keeps you on your feet and the edge of your seat.


When the sins of the fathers past is cast upon the child

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- Nelle

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-28-2017
  • Publisher: K.L. Grayson, INC.