Beyond the Darkness, Volume 3 : Darkness (Reus)

  • by Katie Reus
  • Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  • Series: Darkness (Reus)
  • 6 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Now that she has her freedom, she's not giving it up.
Dragon shifter Keelin Petronilla spent centuries in forced hibernation dreaming of one thing: freedom. Now she's living life on her terms - she's ditched her clan for an unruly wolf pack, she tends bar for a half-demon, and she's loving it...until a powerful supernatural being targets her. She intends to handle the mysterious attacks on her own...without the help of dragon alpha Bran Devlin. Sure, he's sexy in that hot, scowling possessive way, but Keelin wants to live her own life in her own way.
Now that he's found his mate, he's not letting her go.
Former black ops agent Bran Devlin is a born dragon alpha and leader of a fierce clan. Getting mated was never part of his plan - until a feisty dragon princess gets under his skin in a big way. The hell of it is, she doesn't want a mate; she just wants to have a good time. He plays along, but when a dark and powerful being marks her for death, he's determined to stay by her side in spite of her protests. Now that he's found his mate, he means to keep her safe no matter what the cost...even if he has to risk it all.


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Narrator Rushes It

I don't know if it's just me, but the narrator seemed to rush through the book, like he was in a hurry to finish. It definitely takes away from the listening experience. The story itself was just okay to me. There could have been more to the story. It wasn't terrible, but it felt like the bare bones of a story instead of a fully developed one.
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- Amazon Customer

Very good addition to the series :D

4 stars

This was a very good story. I liked both Bran and Keelin and enjoyed their story a lot.

Keelinis a dragon shifter and the younger sister of Drake (the hero in book #2). Since Drake went missing when he was a child, Keelin and Drake's parents went very overprotective when it came to her and she had basically no life outside of her home. She even got guilted into a long hybridization with her parents but rose before them, about a year ago. Keelin has enjoyed this new world now that she's risen. She cherishes her new freedom and isn't willing to lose it for anything or anyone.

Bran is a dragon shifter and the alpha of his dragon clan. He is rare when it comes to dragons because he was born with a deformity, an eye that he can't see out of. He's also not "fair in face" like most dragon shifters and feels that no female would want him because of his imperfections. This never really bothered Bran because he never wanted a least not until he meets Keelin.

When Bran and Keelin met in the previous book, Bran wanted Keelin immediately but was unsure of how to proceed. Keelin thought he hung around at the behest of her brothers as a protector and didn't realize it was a personal interest (at least not at first). Keelin is attracted to Bran but assumes that because he's an alpha that he'd automatically feel the need to dominate her and restrain her freedom so she wont even consider mating with him. She decides to go live with Finn's wolf pack for a while so she can experience life and Bran stays home, giving her some time before going after her. When Bran does go to see Keelin, she's still adamant about not wanting a mate but does express an interest in "fooling around" with Bran, just as long as he promises not to bite her to solidify their mating. Bran isn't exactly happy with the offer but he figures he'll take what he can get and work on her from there.

Unfortunately, someone seems to be after Keelin and Bran has his hands full keeping her safe. Things escalate when Bran finds out that some other dragons that have gone missing recently might have something to do with the attacks on Keelin. As they investigate things, Bran and Keelin learn to work together and she finds that he's not as insufferable as she thought at first. He actually listened to her and didn't push her around which made Keelin think that maybe, just maybe there could be something more between them. A little more drama comes out when Keelin's parents come out of their hibernation but that whole situation actually ends better than I expected. With some work, the bad guy is found and dealt with and Bran and Keelin proceed on to start their HEA together.

This was a very enjoyable story. I liked Keelin where I didn't think I would. So much of the time, heroines that have a reason why they wont get involved with a man can harp on that reason to the point of major annoyance. With Keelin, she had her reasons and she stuck to them at first but she wasn't afraid to change her opinion when she saw the reality of things and I liked that!. Bran was a good complaints there. Overall, the story was very good and engaging. I'd recommend this book (and the series). :)
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- Malinda "I love books and love to get lost in the fantasy. I'm always looking for a new good story to bury myself in. :)"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-07-2016
  • Publisher: KR Press LLC