• by Vi Keeland
  • Narrated by Sebastian York, Molly Glenmore
  • 7 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

From New York Times and USA Today best seller Vi Keeland comes a steamy new standalone novel about a rockstar. Or two.
Dimpled smile of a boy
Hard body of a man
Sings like an angel
F***s like the devil
I was stuck between a rock(star) and a hard place. At 15, his poster hung on my bedroom wall. At 25 his body hovered over mine. Every girl's fantasy became my reality. I was dating a rockstar. Yet I was slowly falling for another man. The problem was - the two men - they shared a tour bus.
Flynn Beckham was the opening act.
Dylan Ryder was the headliner.
What happens when the opening act begins to shine so bright, it seems to dim everything else in its wake?
I'll tell you what happens. Things get ugly.


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Lucky is part owner of Lucky's - a Bar that has a small stage and famous and not so famous Musicians make unscheduled appearances to perform or just drink there and where people can enjoy embarrassing themselves at Karaoke too. That's where Lucky first gave the oh so beautiful and dimpled Flynn a screaming orgasm (a drink ladies!!) and they were immediately drawn to each other but, as tempting as Flynn was... especially when he sang to Lucky, and as sweet as he asked her out, Lucky had to resist his many many charms.

The next time they met Lucky's in the arms of the world famous lead singer Dylan Ryder of the Rock Band Easy Ryder.... and Flynn's Band is hoping to go on tour with them (Oops). But first, kFlynn finds himself standing in for one of the Musicians and sharing a Tour Bus with Lucky, the woman of his dreams and her arrogant boyfriend and it's sheer torture for him. From then on the mutual attraction continues to simmer and sizzle... first they agree to become friends because Lucky's been brought on tour to be Voice Coach for Flynn as he has a slight problem and they spend lots of time together - all of it is very tender, touching and romantic. However over time, their compatibility along with the pull, chemistry and sizzles whenever they touched, ended up to be too great a temptation for both of them to resist anymore.... but yes, Lucky did try over and over again to resist.

Lucky didn't want to be a cheater, she kept making excuses up so not to nhave sex with her boyfriend Dylan but behind the scenes Dylan was no Saint.... whereas Flynn was - never giving in to Groupie temptation which was all around because his focus, only desire and goal was Lucky. And so it went on - Lucky was in a relationship that she had once thought was great (despite the age difference), but now her heart's torn - the overwhelming feelings for Flynn has totally confused her and made her look at the relationship again.... which was first stemmed from her love of a Rock Legend when she was just 15. Whereas, when she's with Flynn it feels like it's truly the real deal - but she's been with Dylan for a year and many careers are riding on her to not rock the boat (including Flynn's). So, even though Flynn has been patient and given her time then tried ultimatums, Lucky doesn't know what's best for everybody. However, in the end it's jealous Dylan who takes charge and splits the lovers up.... and then got some very sensational pictures about himself and Lucky splashed all over the media - which nearly destroyed a heartbroken Flynn.

I really enjoyed this riveting listen and I thought I liked Alpha bad boys.... until Flynn came along who was (hold on coz I'm about to gush here) kind, thoughtful, patient, sexy,
sweet, understanding, hot, talented, sexy, handsome, tattooed, loyal, sexy, loving and a very very good Uncle too. Lucky did annoy me the way she strung Flynn on and lied to Dylan, who I admit was a scumbag, but it WAS his show. There were very tender intimate moments and sexy times too but the greatest strength in this book was the undeniable passion and chemistry between Flynn and Lucky which came out loud and clear all through the listen. Dual POV's, standalone and good narration.

Worth a credit? Vi Keeland wrote a wonderful story that was all-consuming and enjoyable about a torturous heartbreaking forbidden love that Fate had a hand in turning it into a sweet HEA.... and Destiny weaved it's magic for the beautiful Epilogue.
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Lucky's a terrible human being.

"I can’t wait till the day I get to wake up next to you and kiss the hell out of you in public," is skeevy, not romantic! Ew. She's sleeping next to a guy she's been seriously dating for a year, and then jumping another guy behind his back and outside his bedroom door every chance she gets. Flynn gets her off while in earshot of the sleeping guy, hand over her mouth so he doesn't hear! I say again: Ew. Infidelity isn't sexy. All of the sex scenes were cringeworthy because guilt and shame. Lucky is an unlikable person who needed to have a wake-up call and start fixing her anxiety disorder, and learn to talk to someone about how she really feels, not just hop beds to self-medicate.

I can't wait for the sequel where Lucky gets bored with Flynn and is too chicken to give him a hint, so she just pretends until she finds someone who is more exciting. I wanted to shout at Flynn: "If she'll do it WITH you, buddy, she'll do it TO you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday when the shine wears off."
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- C. Countryman

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-08-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios