Bad Boy in a Suit

  • by A.N. Nazarov
  • Narrated by Chantelle Clarke
  • 4 hrs and 20 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Sierra Ward seems like the perfect college student, she studies hard and works harder. When the death of her best friend causes her to question her life choices, she does what anyone would do; she hits a bar and has a one night stand with a dark and handsome stranger who may just turn out to be her soulmate, but all she promised him was one night. Burdening Dylan with all of her baggage is the last thing Sierra wants to do, so she skips out with the morning light well aware that she may never see him again. Months later she has a new major and a new career; but none of that matters when he reappears in the most unexpected place, and before she knows it, he's everywhere. Now Sierra's wondering if there really is such a thing as soulmates, and if there is, will she get a second chance to do it right, or will she be fated to wander incomplete for the rest of her life.


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Customer Reviews

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Dylan is a piece of sh!t.

What disappointed you about Bad Boy in a Suit?

Is anyone else pissed off at the fact that every day after Dylan and our heroine met up again, he chose his fiancé over her? That he was emotionally cheating and lying to his fiancé every day that he made his "friendship" with sierra a priority while not in fact making sierra a priority? Anyone else pissed about the fact that he "acted" completely clueless to the fact that she was in love with him and he kept insisting on inserting himself in her life, in spite of the fact that he had chosen to remain with his fiancé!!!! Anyone else pissed at the author that we never actually got a satisfactory answer from the author about why Dylan did in fact stay with his fiancé! The whole he met her in the hospital when he was down and out, is a really insufficient explanation. No mention of mention of a feeling of responsibility, or maybe it was just great sex...also, the limited ability for the reader to see any real sign of affection portrayed towards her.... Dylan is a piece of sh!t, because it seems as though he accepted a marriage proposal from a girl he didn't seem to love, much less care much about and then proceeded to drag both women through months and months and months of stringing both of them along this tortuous road, that neither of them deserved and that he was the prime person to perpetuate it (not to discount sierra's responsibility in all of this).....but Dylan was the prime asshole. Why did no one ever just come out and ask the guy why the hell he was with her and what the hell he was thinking hurting sierra!!! Not Dylan's family, not sierra's friends, not the fiancé, not sierra herself....and certainly Dylan never so much as volunteered the information, much less apologize to sierra for putting everyone through a completely unnecessary hell. He selfishly turned her into the side piece and figured what....that she'd happily stand by while he went home to the arms of another woman each night? Also, he sure as hell should have gottten a better taste of his own medicine than that one initial scene with Vaughn. I am super super pissed at Dylan, the author and even just the freakin title....does anyone ever recall Dylan ever being in a suit? I pretty much just recall him in construction gear, motorcycle gear or thanksgiving casual wear. Whatever.... sigh....

Would you ever listen to anything by A.N. Nazarov again?


What three words best describe Chantelle Clarke’s performance?


What character would you cut from Bad Boy in a Suit?


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- LostieCat16

Spring Fave!!

Sierra and Dylan have a chemistry that will not be denied! LOVED this book from start to finish! What a great listen!
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- Phineas

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-27-2017
  • Publisher: A.N Nazarov