Ambushing Ariel : Dragon Lords of Valdier

  • by S. E. Smith
  • Narrated by David Brenin
  • Series: Dragon Lords of Valdier
  • 8 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

At 28 Ariel Hamm is ready to start focusing on what she wants. After her fiancé unexpectedly ends their engagement, she seeks to redefine who she really is. A pilot for Boswell International, Ariel knows flying is not her first love. Unhappy, she finally makes a decision based on what she wants - to live on the property she purchased in Wyoming and care for the stray and neglected animals that have always captured her heart. Her plans change suddenly when she finds herself on a warship headed for a distant planet. Determined never to let another man distract her from her dream or break her heart, Ariel makes plans to escape and make her way back home - no matter what. What she doesn't expect is an alien male just as determined to keep her by his side.
Mandra Reykill never thought he would find his true mate so unexpectedly. His dragon recognizes her immediately and falls in love with the delicate beauty, and his symbiot is enchanted with her gentle touch and kindness. Unfortunately, all Mandra gets is a stubborn female refusing to acknowledge his claim to her and determined to escape from him at the first available moment. To top it all off, his nice, orderly life is turned upside down when he finds his home - and his warship - suddenly infested with creatures from all over the galaxy. Now he must find a way to convince Ariel he is the alien for her while trying to keep his sanity. But Mandra is not the only alien wanting to claim Ariel; another has set his sights on her and is just as determined. Can Mandra convince the stubborn beauty that they have a future together?


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Mandra doesn't know just how his well structured life is going to change when he, his Dragon and his Symbiot all claim Ariel because she looks so sweet, dainty and frail.... sweet and dainty yes but Ariel is anything but frail. She's a woman of many talents including kick-ass self-defence moves that the Valdierian's have never seen or felt and unfortunately for Mandra he is the target of most of the moves leaving breaks, bruising and blood for his Symbiot to heal. Ariel is a soft-hearted sweetie who loves rescuing animals of all kinds and species which leads to some fun-filled scenes. But it's the scenes between Mandra and Ariel that are the funniest - when a sexually frustrated, beguiled and bemused Dragon Lord meets a Ninja Pet Whisperer.

There's a host of other likeable characters brought into the storyline as Mandra tries to claim his mate while Ariel slowly drives Mandra crazy.... with lust, built-up passion and the overwhelming need to bite and breathe Dragon Fire into a stubborn Earth woman who's slowly and unknowingly reshaping his life. Still S E Smith cleverly brings glimpses of what's going on with the parallel plots between some of the other frustrated Lords and their attempts to claim their mates whilst others have thankfully succeeded (all in the previous books).

Mandra and Ariel's story has all the same elements as the previous ones.... they're funny, very hot, have plenty of well meaning angst, they're sweet and tender and there is again drama with the evil Uncle as Mandra recruits Allies to confront and kill his Uncle who is trying to destroy the Lords and rule Valdier. However, he wants to do it without endangering his mate but Ariel's Ninja side has other plans.... which is very lucky for him.

Worth a credit? These books are all along similar lines with a great narrator and dual or multiple POV's but they are all very different too which makes them all a surprising, entertaining and enjoyable listen and, like this one, I'll happily be spending a credit on the next fun-filled, hot and humorous story..... which is happily already in My Basket..... and, at this rate, I'm going to have to swop it for a Trolley!!!
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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"

Love this series more with each book!

There are some who may not like the recaps of the beginning scenes, I love them. You get to see events over again with new eyes. Each of the characters has a very unique take on the events. This book does jump things forward a touch. I adore all these stories and seeing how they interlock. It is great seeing things come together and finding out what couples were together when events occurred. You also have that timeline to follow, so you anticipate things to come.

I really liked animal lover Ariel, but there are times she takes things a bit far, still, she is extremely likeable and you can tell she means well. When she isn't bringing home every stray she is a fierce warrior. Girlfriend kicks serious butt!! I love her matched with Mandra and all that goes into their romance! Such opposites at times, but they really work!

This book is uber hawt!! I am talking plenty of detail for the mating and also sexing while in dragon forms. Good golly that is a smexy read!! Get the ice cream and cold shower ready!

David Brenin once again uses his scrumptious voice to bring the story to life. He is a delicious treat for the ears!! Definitely one of my favorites. He has a wonderful energy and pace that fits the book perfectly. I am thrilled he is staying with the whole series.

The overall plot progresses more with this story and brings up closer to the confrontation with their uncle. We also meet more supporting characters and gear up for some battles. I am very eager to see what will happen with Carmen, as her story will definitely be emotional. This series has been a whirlwind that never fails to entertain.
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- K. April Holgate

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-07-2015
  • Publisher: Susan E. Smith