Accidentally In Love With...a God? : Accidentally Yours

  • by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
  • Narrated by Helen Wick
  • Series: Accidentally Yours
  • 11 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Trapped for decades, a powerful god seeks freedom…and revenge. But the only thing that can save him is the passion of a woman's touch…
Emma Keane is your average city girl trying to get a date. There's just one thing holding her back: the disembodied male voice speaking to her through her mind. Sound kind of crazy? Maybe. But crazy turns downright deadly when the voice persuades her to travel to the wilds of the Mayan jungle. There she will free his body - his incredibly hot, muscled, naked body.

Humans are so frail, so undisciplined, so susceptible to love. And when this ancient being connects with Emma, the feelings she sparks drive him utterly mad. Protective, keep-her-close, never-let-her-go kind of mad. Which might not be such a bad thing because from the moment the beautiful, passionate Emma unshackles his body, they are hunted at every turn. Now he'll have to do everything in his power to keep her safe. But will it be enough?


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Customer Reviews

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What a funny and fast paced original story that MJP has so cleverly written about - the Heroine Emma (a 22 yr old strong willed virgin) has lived with the constant domineering voice of Guy (aka Votan whose powerful, mysterious, arrogant and very opinionated - as most Gods are) for all of her life and she's finally had enough and sets off to rescue him.... or go mad.

Her never ending thoughts and snarky witty banter is hilarious and she's awe struck when she finally meets Guy, a drop dead gorgeous God whose mission is to free his fellow Gods and save the world from a villain bent on world domination. He's very attracted to Emma but doesn't want her involved so tells her very little which infuriates her and makes her vulnerable so she seeks the truth elsewhere but there are lies and misunderstandings galore but she's resilient and eventually finds it for herself.... but with dramatic deadly consequences.

There is lots of sexual sizzle, a couple of 'close encounters' but only one sex scene, yes this is a paranormal romance but most of the time they are arguing so it's not really romantic and the constant arguing and self-doubts does get repetitive towards the end which unfortunately seemed a bit rushed. However, this is a humorous, unpredictable, exciting and very enjoyable story with danger, mysteries, twists great characters and plenty of drama. With a small cliffhanger at the end with the arrival of a previously unseen character.

Worth a credit? It's a great start to a new PNR so very creditworthy and I'm looking forward to book 2 Accidentally Married To A Vampire and there's a short excerpt at the end to whet your appetite.

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- CAROLYN "I love being swept away by a new romance and thankfully Audible's ever growing Library means I get to indulge myself over and over again"


You know how sometimes a character does something and you're tempted to throw your book at the wall? Well, with audiobooks, that can mean expensive equipment replacement, so I controlled myself. Now this may sound like a bad thing, but in reality I suppose it means I really got emotionally involved. The down side of this was intense frustration with the lead female character in this book, Emma. Being more than a bit older, I kept having to remind myself "She's barely 20 something, she's barely 20 something", because there was many tempting 'throw it at the wall' moments in this book, and most of those moments (not all, but most) were instigated by Emma.

The relationship between the two lead characters (Emma and "Guy") was at times endearing, at times maddening, and at times totally baffling. Still, with the exception of a few monumental bad decision moments (on both sides), it worked for me.

This is one of those books that it's very hard to write a brief description of without spoilers, so I'll simply say it's a love story between an ancient god and a young woman who has spent her whole life listening to him talk in her head. She understandably questions her sanity, and in an attempt to find the real flesh and blood person behind the voice (and answer the question of her sanity...or lack thereof) she sets out on a course that will lead her through a series of adventures on the pathway to love.

There's lots of fast paced action, lots of frustratingly bad decisions, lots of miscommunication, outright lies, and manipulation on both sides. The writing is witty. There's humour throughout, even in the most tense situations.

If you are looking for erotica, look elsewhere. That's not to say, however, that there aren't sexy scenes, but they are few and far between and not quite as explicit as some books are these days. On the flip side, I wouldn't recommend this book to someone offended by sexual situations either. It's not "that" clean.

The narration was outstanding. I recently gave Helen Wick a less than flattering review for her reading of another book, mainly for her use of somewhat feminine voices for the male characters, but in this book, she has no such problems. Reading humour can be difficult for some narrators, but Helen Wick's performance was spot on. Bottom line, she nails it. Well done Ms Wick, well done!

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Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-29-2013
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio