A Humble Heart : Hollywood Hearts

  • by R. L. Mathewson
  • Narrated by Erin Bennett
  • Series: Hollywood Hearts
  • 11 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

After wasting too many years on the wrong man, Dana is finally able to free herself and her two children only to find herself thrown into the spotlight when her books become an overnight sensation. Suddenly, her normal quiet life is gone forever and she's forced to deal with paparazzi, offers from porn companies, magazines, Hollywood and crazed fans all while trying to keep it together for her kids. She never dreamed she'd catch the eye of the most sought after bachelor in the world. Things like that just didn't happen to women like her, or did they?
Having a life? What the hell was that? Edward couldn't remember what it felt like to live his own life without someone watching his every move. Thanks to the paparazzi and the internet nothing in his life was sacred. Out of desperation to keep some semblance of a life, he stops living his own. His family and work are all he has left until he's made an offer he simply can't resist. Working with the famous author forces him to open his heart and take a chance. Winning the heart of the woman he loves while the world watches is anything but easy, but he never thought it would be dangerous. His only hope is that they get through it together... and alive.


Audible Editor Reviews

Erin Bennett's frank but tender performance captures the spirit of R. L. Mathewson's leading couple, two surprisingly down-to-earth Hollywood stars struggling to hold on to each other - and themselves - amid the storm of drama and action that follows their fame: guns, bombs, paparazzi, crazed fans and much, much more. Bennett also understands the tone of Mathewson's distinctive sense of humor, which charmed listeners in the A Neighbor from Hell series, when it comes to interactions between heartthrob actor Edward and his decidedly unimpressed family or Dana and devoted babysitter Deana.
A fast-paced adult fairy tale for those who believe everyone, regardless of past mistakes, deserves a second chance at their dream happy ending.


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Customer Reviews

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a delightful treat filled with love & passion. 

Really really loved it, once I started it I couldn't put it down! Dana was in a horrible crappy marriage and had two kids. She submits a story she wrote and it gets purchased for publishing. This provides her the money to get a divorce and give her kids a better life. Once her story is a success she's asked to write more and eventually ends up having to write a book with Edward Pierce, the actor who will be playing the hero of the story when it's made for the big screen. Edward is somewhat quiet and not really into the Hollywood scene that he's forced into with being an actor but he understands why he has to "play the part". Meeting Dana is a breath of fresh air to him in comparison to all the actresses, Hollywood people and obsessive fans he's usually exposed to. While writing together they get to know each other and eventually fall for each other. That's the first half of the story, the second half is all the ups and downs of being in a relationship with a famous actor/famous author: no privacy, people constantly wanting your time, leaving for filming for long periods of time, crazy fans, things along those lines. After a few pitfalls they eventually get their happily ever after.
Basically, it's a romance novel full of twisted turns, hot smoking scenes although an extra one wouldn't have hurt the plot lol ;), stomach clenching moments, a determined woman with a strong back bone, a sexy guy who adores his family, lots of drama, loyalty and LOVE!!
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- Jordy ♡♡♡♡ "I'm proud to be a bookaholic...addicted, obsessed, passionate!!! My favorite way to relax & escape reality...."

An Excess of Humble

I read this author's Neighbor's From Hell series and really enjoyed them. They were funny and irreverent - reminiscent of Jennifer Crusie. This book was just OK. None of the humor that was displayed in her other books shows up in this one.The story was mostly entertaining, The plot moved along at a steady pace and the main characters were interesting and likable, if a little underdeveloped. The author didn't do a very good job with the children's dialog, especially Dana's son, but that was a minor point. Edward seemed a little too good to be true and fell for Dana immediately and for no apparent reason. And Dana's ex made no sense.

The tension in this book was all centered on the invasion of the main characters privacy and the paparazzi. Why their fans and photographers were so rabid was never explained. They never courted the press, but they also exercised poor judgement. This caused a real problem for me, because the tension kept building and building until a catastrophe occurred. Then, no resolution. You got the sense that if you checked in with the characters the day after this book ended, they would be facing the same problems. Nothing was ever resolved.

This book was not nearly as well written or enjoyable as the Neighbors From Hell series. It was OK. I finished it. But beyond that I can't really recommend it.

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- Lulu "I ignore genre labels. Some of my favorite books are outside my genre comfort zone. Listening to audiobooks is still reading. Not theater."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-08-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios