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Dr. Bill Creasy of Logos Bible Study uses a literary, historical approach to examine and enliven the bible for modern listeners. Dr. Creasy draws on his studies, travels, and personal anecdotes to vividly depict the works of scripture. He speaks in a pleasant, friendly voice but with authority, frequently incorporating contemporary references. The programs are a lively combination of a sermon and college lecture.
In this episode, Dr. Creasy discusses Timothy, My Dear Son (1 & 2 Timothy).
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Paul meets Timothy at the beginning of his second missionary journey. On the first missionary journey (A.D. 46 – 48), Paul visits Lystra, a city in central Asia Minor. It seems he had little success there, as in Lystra “they stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead” (Acts 14: 19). On his return to Lystra in A.D. 50, however, Paul meets Timothy, a young man whose grandmother Lois and mother Eunice had become believers, apparently during Paul’s first visit to Lystra.
On the second missionary journey at the beginning of A.D. 50, Timothy joins up with Paul, and Timothy will travel with Paul for the next eighteen years, A.D. 50 – 68. During that time, Paul comes to view Timothy as a son, and it is Timothy to whom Paul will pass on his ministry upon Paul’s death in A.D. 68.
Both of these letters are intensely personal, and they give us great insight into the father/son relationship that develops between Paul and Timothy.
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