The Urantia Book (Part 4): The Life and Teachings of Jesus

  • by Urantia Foundation
  • 48 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Part 4 is an easy listening and inspiring biography of the life and teachings of Jesus. This narrative spans his life from his birth in Bethlehem to his death in Jerusalem. The authors describe his childhood, his struggles to overcome teenage problems, his travels and adventures, and his fascinating episodes of personal and public ministry. While The Urantia Book's presentation of Jesus generally corresponds with the Bible, it stands unique, packed with new information and fresh insights.
The Urantia Book fills in the 30 years of Jesus’ life missing from the New Testament. If you’re interested in learning a great deal more about Jesus, you’ll gain deep understanding of his life and teachings from Part 4 of The Urantia Book.
Highlights of Part 4 include: The missing years of Jesus' life; the premature death of Jesus' father; Jesus helping to raise his seven brothers and sisters; Rebecca's proposal of marriage; Jesus' work as a carpenter, boat builder, scribe, teacher, and camel caravan conductor; his journeys to Egypt, Rome, and the Caspian Sea; his life with the apostles; stories of the hundreds of people Jesus helped; healing the sick; the dark days preceding the crucifixion; Jesus' resurrection and appearances; the power of the Spirit of Truth; and the mysterious nature of the human and divine Jesus.


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Customer Reviews

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I have gained new insights by listening

If you could sum up The Urantia Book (Part 4): The Life and Teachings of Jesus in three words, what would they be?

This book has been a long-time companion and has truly changed my life. Listening to this on my iPod while driving long trips has really been a much better experience than I had even hoped for. It's amazing to me that, in hearing the words, I have been able to get a deeper perspective of some of the amazing talks that Jesus gave. It's allowed me to see how the ideas flow into one another with purpose. This, I wasn't able to easily see in reading.

I would recommend that anyone who's read the Urantia Book download a copy of the spoken version and if you happened upon this and have not read the book, don't wait another minute to get the life-changing benefits from this fantastic book.

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- Rightg00d

Amazing biography of Jesus

Thanks for putting The Urantia Book on Audible. The readers do a terrific job so the book is good listening. Since the Urantia Book uses modern English and narrative storytelling, it is much easier to get through than most religious literature. I downloaded the compressed file level 2 so the book did not take up too much room on my IPod.

I loved listening to Part 4 of The Urantia Book. The first hour was tough to understand because it related to Part 2 of the book. But once I got to the chapter on the birth and infancy of Jesus, it was easy listening the rest of the way. Wow, this book takes a really different look at the life of Jesus. Best I have read so far. It recounts his complete life and teachings. Before reading The Urantia Book, I loved the story of Jesus in the New Testament, but felt disappointed that it only covered 20% of his chronological life. I wanted to know his entire life story, complete with all the missing years. Bingo, The Urantia Book tells about his childhood, teenage years, life in his Twenties, and his entire public ministry. They detail the death of his father Joseph, his 19 months of travel in the Mediterranean region with two East Indians, his year journey as a camel caravan conductor going from Nazareth to the Caspian Sea, and his preparation for his public ministry. It must have 50 times the information, stories, sermons, etc. than the New Testament. It actually helped me understand the New Testament better.

For spiritual adventurers, this book is a thrill.

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- Mo

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-17-2010
  • Publisher: Urantia Foundation