The Language of God

  • by Francis S. Collins
  • Narrated by Francis S. Collins
  • 7 hrs and 16 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, is one of the world's leading scientists, yet he is also a man of unshakable faith in God and scripture. Dr. Collins has resolved the dilemma that haunts everyone who believes in God and respects science. Faith in God and faith in science can be harmonious, not separately but together, combined into one worldview. For Collins, science does not conflict with the Bible, science enhances it.
The Language of God makes the case for God and for science. Dr. Collins considers and dismisses several positions along the spectrum from atheism to young-earth creationism, including agnosticism and Intelligent Design. Instead, he proposes a new synthesis, a new way to think about an active, caring God who created humankind through evolutionary processes.
He explains his own journey from atheism to faith, and then takes listeners on a stunning tour of modern science to show that physics, chemistry, and biology can all fit together with belief in God and the Bible. The Language of God is essential for anyone who wonders about the deepest questions of all: Why are we here? How did we get here? And what does life mean?


What the Critics Say

"Collins' credibility as a scientist and his sincerity as a believer make for an engaging combination, especially for those who, like him, resist being forced to choose between science and God." (Publishers Weekly)


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Customer Reviews

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For those on the fence

This book's greatest attribute is that it provides the current nonbeliever with reasons to consider and ultimately acknowledge the existence of god Because of this, it is best read by non believers or at least those 'on the fence' re: belief in god. The negative reviews by others appear to be from people who believed in god prior to reading the book and were dissappointed that the author did not touch upon discussions that resonated with them. It is not clear why they take a negative view toward the approach of someone else who also has strong belief in god, but this is another matter. I take the target audience to be those like the author in his younger day...someone who does not believe in god because it 'cant' be proven' or have no opinion on god because it is a safe position to take. This book provides reasons why it is reasonable for 'even a scientist' to believe in god. As a scientist myself, I found his arguments to be very understandable and plausible and worthy of thought and consideration. I don't know what more could be said of a book on this topic. The author gives much credit to CS Lewis for guidance, however, I found this book much easier to read than Lewis' essays.

If you are someone who would like to have logical arguments and actual evidence of God, then you will find the book at least interesting and you might even find it convincing.
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- Stephen

Puts your DNA into context

"The Language of God" is thought provoking. The author shares some stunning insights into the DNA research he has led in the Human Genome Project. He links these biological insights to the "bigger picture": religion, evolution and metaphysics.

The parts of the book that I really enjoyed were the insights on DNA, the theistic evolution paradigm, and the excellent section on ethics (which strangely enough is a mere appendix in the book). What disappointed me is that the author has a hard time to get started, which might put readers/listeners off. He quotes excessively from C.S. Lewis, whereas he would have done much better by sharing more key insights from the great "traditional" philosophers. Also, the part on "I found Jesus and it changed my life" was a bit too much for me, and it clouded the excellent thinking that is behind most of the book.

All in all, very worthwhile, a 4 out of 5 for me. Looking forward to have this author publish another book on those parts he truly excels in: biology and ethics.
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- Philip

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-17-2006
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio