Oh, Your God!

  • by Joshua Kelly
  • Narrated by Rich Miller
  • 8 hrs and 13 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

This book is not just for atheists, but for antitheists - for people who celebrated the writing of Christopher Hitchens and miss his voice.
Making the provocative assertion that the entire enterprise of organized religion is a thing for which the world and our species would have been better without, Oh, Your God! follows in the footsteps of the material observations of Lucretius, Epicurus, and Democritus, and the more recent anti-theistic arguments of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins.
Drawing from timeless philosophers, modern debates, historical events, and current social climes, Joshua Kelly illustrates the shameful and debilitating damage religion has caused - and continues to cause - whether to our psyches, our bodies, our societies, or our world. Citing the murders of Nigeria's "witch children", the subversion of sexual emancipation, the tethers of slavery, the attacks of September 11, the pseudo morality of monotheistic mythology, the subjugation of women, and much more, he provides an abundance of damning evidence to back up his claims. Only by acknowledging and grappling with the real and potential dangers of religion, he argues, will we be able to thrive and develop as a species.


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Customer Reviews

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Want to lose a debate with a Christian?

...or otherwise just look foolish in front of one? Then soak this book up and regurgitate some of it in front of one who actually knows what he's talking about. I applaud the author for having published a well styled book as an undergraduate college student. Appreciation ends there. It's hours of 'i clearly have never read the bible but i can paraphrase the ideas of famous atheist authors for hours!' pain. I appreciate where he is coming from, I really do, but about half way through I just couldn't listen to diatribes that do the exact same thing the author complains about believers doing - cherry picking passages out of context and making up a message for them. It's the sort of confirmation bias book that cable tv anchors write.

I had to stop at the point where the kid's Marxism (mentioned early in the book) begins to bludgeon California for Prop 8 and how that shouldn't be possible.

Bad news, buddy: They Have A Consitutional Right To Do That. States have police power over everything you do, while the federal government does not. It's how our constitutional republic works. The STATES can make you wear a dress to work if they want to. Radical theologians ARE allowed to vote in a repressive theocracy for the entire nation if they can secure enough state governorships and seats in both houses of Congress to repeal various parts of the core founding precepts of our nation. Tough love, but sorry it's the way we set our system up and I would rather risk California passing laws against gay marriage... which by the way in the context you're defending is PURELY BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN RITUAL and there are much better ways to achieve acceptance for homosexuality than demanding a religion that abhors it change their collective minds by force of law (remember biblical marriage is biblical marriage; you can't demand a biblical right; you can demand equal treatment from the federal government for financial purposes though which makes a lot more sense)... than subject the everyone to the arbitrary whims of a politburo in a system of law that has historically persecuted homosexuals every single last time we have seen it in recorded history.

To sum it up: this book is a belligerent rant by a kid whose heart is in the right place, but whose message needs to be honed by reading the books he's railing against and accepting the political system that non-Christians like the "founding fathers" created to ensure his safety from theocracy.
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- James

Exceptionally well written and narrated.

A pleasure to listen to, thought provoking, building yet higher on the shoulders of giants!
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- Thomas

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-01-2016
  • Publisher: Pitchstone