• by Dr. Bill Creasy
  • Narrated by uncredited
  • 6 hrs and 41 mins
  • Lecture

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Exodus and Leviticus span a period of 13 months in the biblical narrative; Numbers covers the remaining 39 years of the Exodus. In Numbers, Moses counts the people and organizes them by tribe, clan and family, completing a journey that spans a generation. Far from tracking aimless wanderings in the wilderness, Numbers tells the incredible story of survival against all odds, as God grooms a new generation to invade and conquer the Promised Land. This amazing book is brought to life with Dr. Bill Creasy’s vivid storytelling.


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Dr. Bill Creasy of Logos Bible Study uses a literary, historical approach to examine and enliven the bible for modern listeners. Dr. Creasy draws on his studies, travels, and personal anecdotes to depict a vivid picture of the works of scripture. Somewhere between a sermon and a college lecture, he delivers these audiobooks with authority but a pleasantly friendly voice and a touch of fun, using contemporary references.
Starting with the census of male Israelites of fighting age by Moses and Aaron at Mt. Sinai and following their journey to the Promised Land, Dr. Creasy discusses the Book of Numbers. Making the epic journey into a relatable experience, he discusses the people of Numbers and their 40 years of trials


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Excellent Bible Study

I also posted this on This series contains the audio from class lectures by Dr. Bill Creasy.

Dr. Creasy covers each book verse-by-verse, providing context to the material by explaining other passages in the Bible that may relate to a passage under study, with descriptions of corresponding historical events and the geography and their relationship to the passage, as well as anecdotes from his travels or study. I find it extremely helpful to study the Bible in context with geography and history.

As explained in the opening lesson on Genesis, this study starts with Genesis in the Old Testament, then moves to Matthew in the New Testament, then Exodus and Leviticus in the Old Testament, then back to Mark in the New Testament, and so on. Dr. Creasy does this because 1) if covered in weekly segments, as done in his class, it would be in year 5 before he got to Matthew, and 2) to help show the relationship between Old Testament and New Testament.

This is the sixth in the Logos Bible Study series, preceded by Mark and followed by Luke. Numbers has 36 chapters, and the study is comprised of 9 lessons. Total time - 6 hours, 42 minutes.
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- Steven A. Davis

Good but wish there was more exposition of symbols

I liked it but I would have liked to have seen more of an explanation of symbols, significance of Geographic locations and names. I'm not saying that this wasn't done but in some ways I feel like it just scratched the surface. I really liked it when he took time to relate the text he was going over to a future relevance like when he talked about the compromise of two of the tribes in helping Israel to enter the promised land to what happened to these same two tribes in the New Testament and then tying it into revelation. I understand that those connections take some time to go into and explain. I just think they're very helpful and would have like to have some more. Overall good lecture on book of Numbers and I do not regret listening.
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- J. Lam

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  • Release Date: 08-10-2011
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Study