Mr. Mormon

  • by Mr. John S. Pennington Jr.
  • Narrated by John S. Pennington Jr.
  • 9 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Mr. Mormon can take a normal LDS member and turn them into a Super-Mormon by using new ideas and discoveries from science, the cosmos, world history, and the scriptures. Mr. Mormon teaches about a supernova that was recorded by Chinese astronomers at the time of the birth of Jesus. It discovers that Joseph Smith taught the theory of time relativity over a half of a century before Albert Einstein. It proves that Moses could not have been writing fiction as his account in Genesis states that the moon and the sun were created on the fourth day of a sixth day creation period aligning perfectly with the 14-billion-year timeline of the universe. It fills in the gaps between the creation story versus the evolution of man on planet Earth. It solves that age-old question about Adam's paradox in the Garden of Eden with the dilemma of breaking one of God's commandments in order to keep the other commandment. And much more....


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Customer Reviews

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This book gets better every time I listen to it.

Would you consider the audio edition of Mr. Mormon to be better than the print version?

I have listened to the whole book one time --- and several chapters I have listened to three and four times. The first time I was speed listening, and missed a bunch of details. I study a lot of LDS books, but this book has subjects that very few LDS writers ever discuss.

There is a half of a chapter on the “new name and secret names of angels” all referenced from the Bible. Quoting where Jesus himself also received a “new name”. I have read the Bible many times and missed this and I have never read any LDS author discuss this subject to this type of depth using only the Bible.

The chapter on the planets and the solar system compares the formation of Eve coming from Adam’s rib, which the author states is a piece of Adam… to the formation of our Moon coming from a piece of the Earth. When the Earth was hit by a very large asteroid billions of years ago and a piece of the Earth broke off and formed the Moon. This is a really unique concept that the author uses and backs it up with science.

Another very detailed, and very interesting comparison is the analogy of Neutrons, Protons and Electrons compared to God, Jesus and the HG….and how those three things made everything in the universe. I had to listen to this several times to finally get all the hidden meanings.

I never knew that Joseph Smith taught that an “eternity” was 2.555 billion years long. A set period of time. This was extremely interesting. I loved discovering this fact in this book.

I have read the Bible cover to cover many times. But this Mr. Mormon book finds Bible scripture after Bible scripture that I never knew was even in the Bible, or I must have read over them many times in the past but never related their significance to the LDS gospel.

But this is the kicker and why I recommend this book!!! --- I have studied for years and years about the Garden of Eden and what went on there, as it is very confusing. However, this book has an entire chapter ----- and is the VERY BEST ANSWER THAT I HAVE EVER READ on this subject. It is the most thorough --- scripture based --- and most logical answer I have ever heard. If you purchase the book just to listen to that one chapter alone, it will be worth it.

Any additional comments?

The only negative thing I can say about this book is that it is probably the first book that this author has written, as I cannot find anything else on Google. And in some places the author repeats himself and therefore you can tell it is a first time author, but other than that…. I will definitely buy the next book if he ever decides to write another. I absolutely loved this book.

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- Paul H.

3 times longer than it needs to be...frustrating!!

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

1/3 of my time was well spent. I respect what did and why he wrote this book - to a certain extent. I appreciate that it exists. But his self aggrandizing of how much more he knows than "his other friends" or "most Mormon friends" or "most people," gets old by chapter 3. Part of me wants to go back and write down the scriptures he quotes for my own personal scripture study, but the thought of having to listen to him again and sift through the MOUNTAINS of useless information or information that might have been useful the FIRST time he said it, but not the 4th time, makes me realize that I will never listen to this book again. :/

The book has some doctrine but also some things that are just plainly flat our wrong based on a simple reading of the Bible or Book of Mormon. Like he says the Holy Ghost and Jesus cannot be at the same place at the same time. Christ's baptism disproves that. Also, and this is nitpicking, he claims that the man who had demons cast out was named Legion. This is clearly incorrect since legion means multiple or great numbers. Hence the DEMONS gave their COLLECTIVE names as Legion, not the man's name. There are others but I don't want to take the time. Suffice it to say that he will quote or misquote to fit the example or story he wants to tell.

For some reason, one chapter has canned laughter piped in as if he was speaking to real people. But that chapter has a disclaimer that the audience sounds were added for dramatic effect or something like that. Random.

About 1/3 of his book is actually based on doctrine or his understanding of science. For that part, it is interesting. The remaining 2/3 however, the author - who also reads the book - is quite condescending to the reader and "most people," and is EXTREMELY pedantic. So much of the book is him droning on and on. He repeats himself over and over. He gives examples for his examples and then stories to explain those examples to the examples. He goes to great lengths to explain how much more he knows than other people - especially for his surprisingly large cast of dimwitted friends whom he uses as teaching punching bags. In many of his examples, he belittles his friends who believe differently than him. Oddly, despite introducing each chapter by saying that the book is his own opinion and not the official views of the LDS Church, he freely tells the listener what "all Mormons believe" or "any mormon will tell you", etc. Also, his forced enthusiasm, "Did you catch that!?", "WOW, no DOUBLE WOW!!!" and forced laughter becomes grating by the end of the second chapter.

If you’ve listened to books by Mr. John S. Pennington Jr. before, how does this one compare?

This is the first and last.

Did John S. Pennington Jr. do a good job differentiating all the characters? How?

The book doesn't require the differentiating of characters. It is just the author reading. But no, he does not really do a good job with that. The listener needs to go into this remembering that this book was more a labor of love than to be listened to as if written/read by a professional.

If this book were a movie would you go see it?


Any additional comments?

Seriously, WAY TOO LONG!!!!!! Should have been 6 chapters max! and EVERY CHAPTER with maybe the exception of Chapter 15 which reads selections from the King Follett Discourse. THANK HEAVENS THAT I COULD INCREASE THE SPEED TO 1.5X SO THE BOOK DID NOT TAKE AS LONG AS ORIGINALLY INTENDED.

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- R.

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-22-2015
  • Publisher: Penny10, LLC