Living 'A Course in Miracles' : Nightingale-Conant: Spiritual Growth

  • by Kenneth Wapnick
  • Narrated by Kenneth Wapnick
  • Series: Nightingale-Conant: Spiritual Growth
  • 9 hrs and 27 mins
  • Speech

Publisher's Summary

Have you ever wondered just what it would take to experience miracles as everyday occurrences in your life? In Living A Course in Miracles: Applying the Course's Messages of Wisdom, Courage, and Forgiveness, renowned Course expert Kenneth Wapnick takes you on an extraordinary journey of spiritual transformation. As he shares his insights, you may discover that shifting the way you perceive your life may open doors that you weren't even aware existed. Whether you are a long-time student of A Course in Miracles or new to the vast insights of this powerful document, you are, no doubt, on a great journey of spiritual awakening. Gaining a deeper understanding of the lessons of the Course and making the transformations that it suggests can be daunting. This program will aid you in making that transformation as easy as possible. It not only illuminates the meanings intended in the great poetic text, but it also provides you with practical, real life applications. In this distinctive program, Ken shares his insights on:

The fascinating story of how the Course was first revealed and documented.
How to deal with your relationships in a manner that is compassionate and life-transforming.
How to look at your fear without judgment, and how to manage your fear when it arises.
The six stages of Development of Trust and letting go of your current values in the world.
How to tackle your scarcity principles through applying the wisdom of the Course in relation to money.
How to discern and choose love over the fears that currently exist in your life.
How true forgiveness can free you of your own self-confining existence.
How to experience the Holy Spirit as a benevolent and all-loving presence in your life.
And much, much more!


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent content with one major caveat

This is an excellent series of lectures given by the late Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, a man widely (though not universally) regarded as the most advanced and knowledgeable teacher of ACIM, variously introduced and summarized at intervals by someone from the program's publisher who does not appear to have the depth of knowledge necessary for the task at hand.

Personally, I don't believe a student of ACIM can do better than Dr. Wapnick in terms of learning what the Course really says and how to practice it in the everyday world. One of the crucial areas that Dr. Wapnick excelled in was pointing out the many pitfalls and errors students make in applying the Course's teachings in daily life, most of which are due to "level confusion", i.e. trying to apply the Course's many macro-level pronouncements about the ultimate nature of reality (and our place in it) to micro-level, "within the Illusion" everyday life situations. Another important area Wapnick lectured about frequently was the way students misuse Course teachings to avoid looking at their personal darkness and difficult emotions (a.k.a. shadow), an endemic problem among contemporary spiritual seekers of all stripes that some teachers refer to as "spiritual bypassing".

Ironically, even though this lecture series opens with a prolonged discussion of the above pitfalls to studying and living A Course in Miracles, the series narrator (who another reviewer jokingly referred to as Barney the Dinosaur) makes these very same errors in summarizing the some of the sections. For example, in the section in which Dr. Wapnick discusses the origins and functions of our shared sense of victimization (as per Course teaching), the narrator's summary reduces this macro-level, ontological/metaphysical explanation down into a rather superficial, new age, personal development context, i.e. "don't be a victim". (Anyone who studies and understands what ACIM is really saying knows it's about as NON-new age a spiritual teaching as you can get.)

Bottom line, this is an excellent program with some very well-selected lectures from Dr. Wapnick's extensive body of work, but do yourself a favor and skip the narration...overall, it will confuse you more than it will help you. (If you want further instruction, Wapnick's Foundation for A Course in Miracles has many wonderful programs available for download.)

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- MJ

Excellent presentation

This is a very valuable audio-document of Kenneth Wapnick's teachings on A Course in Miracles. It is wonderful that Audible has made it available, and I recommend it whole-heartedly. You will not be disappointed.
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- KJ in Chicago

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-14-2014
  • Publisher: Nightingale-Conant