• by Dr. Bill Creasy
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  • 5 hrs and 7 mins
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In Joshua we conquer the land; in Judges we settle it. This book recounts the chaotic downward spiral of a people who turn away from God. Not a nation, but a loose confederation of 12 tribes, Israel spirals downward from a people obeying God to one that turns their back on him, a nation in which everyone “does that which is right in his own eyes.” By the end of Judges, Israel is in total apostasy—and God’s plan of salvation seems to have vanished. Listen as Logos Bible Study’s Dr. Bill Creasy masterfully explores this story in new and vivid ways.


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Dr. Bill Creasy of Logos Bible Study uses a literary, historical approach to examine and enliven the bible for modern listeners. Dr. Creasy draws on his studies, travels, and personal anecdotes to depict a vivid picture of the works of scripture. Somewhere between a sermon and a college lecture, he delivers these audiobooks with authority but a pleasantly friendly voice and a touch of fun, using contemporary references.
Using the internal logic of the scripture and archaeological proofs, Dr. Creasy dates the book of Judges as taking place from 1380 BC to 1050 BC. He discusses this period, when the Israelites’ Exodus was ending, their kingdom being set up in Canaan, and the first Temple built.


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Excellent Bible Study

I also posted this on Amazon.com. This series contains the audio from class lectures by Dr. Bill Creasy.

Dr. Creasy covers each book verse-by-verse, providing context to the material by explaining other passages in the Bible that may relate to a passage under study, with descriptions of corresponding historical events and the geography and their relationship to the passage, as well as anecdotes from his travels or study. I find it extremely helpful to study the Bible in context with geography and history.

As explained in the opening lesson on Genesis, this study starts with Genesis in the Old Testament, then moves to Matthew in the New Testament, then Exodus and Leviticus in the Old Testament, then back to Mark in the New Testament, and so on. Dr. Creasy does this because 1) if covered in weekly segments, as done in his class, it would be in year 5 before he got to Matthew, and 2) to help show the relationship between Old Testament and New Testament.

According to the syllabus I received from Dr. Creasy (he sometimes deviates from this in class), Judges is the eleventh in the Logos Bible Study series, preceded by Joshua and followed by Ruth. Judges has 21 chapters, and the study is comprised of 7 lessons. Total time - 5 hours, 8 minutes.
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- Steven A. Davis

Biblical/Historical Context

Judges is a difficult read. There are some terrible moments recorded here with little comment, either positive or negative, that induce many to find heaven in tacit agreement -- whereas others may be left scratching their heads. Dr. Creasy's ability to keep the context in the picture, and particularly to give a running comparison as to how God acts in other places, what He says and where the people are in the time-frame, was invaluable to my understanding of Judges (Joshua, likewise). I recommend this listen, and his other lectures (I'm on my second listen through) unreservedly.
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- Amazon Customer

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  • Release Date: 08-10-2011
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Study