It's A Wonderful Afterlife Volume One

  • by Richard Martini
  • Narrated by Richard Martini
  • 10 hrs and 50 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Best-selling author of Flipside (number one in its genre at Amazon twice!)
It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures into the Flipside takes a quantum leap forward into the afterlife, includes interviews with scientists discussing the source of consciousness, compares near death experiences (NDE) with between life sessions (LBL), and includes interviews with people who claim to be speaking from the afterlife. There are new between life sessions with astounding claims of contact with the afterlife, with experiencing God and understanding life's journey.
Volume One includes a Foreword by Charles Grodin, interviews with scientists dealing with consciousness outside the brain; Mario Beauregard Neuroscientist (Brain Wars) Dr. Bruce Greyson, the father of NDE research, the research of Dr. Helen Wambach along with that of Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls). It includes interviews with near death experiencers David Bennett (Voyage of Purpose), Jeremy Kagan, Dr. Rajiv Parti, and Jeffry Martini. Book interviews Newton trained hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble, compares accounts of Dr. Eben Alexander (Proof of Heaven) and Colton Burpo (Heaven is for Real.)
Volume Two includes a foreword by Galen Stoller, an interview with Gary Schwartz, PhD, an attorney whose clients claim that they've been visited by some of their victims, interview with Pete Smith head of the Newton Institute, interview with Chaplain Savarna Wiley, and further accounts of NDEs and LBLs. Finally there's some "conversations with people in the Afterlife" and wraps up with another of the author's own LBLs.


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Customer Reviews

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A casual, friendly, conversational Afterlife book

I like the casual conversational way Richard Martini narrates this book about paranormal experiences, the reality that is beyond the physical senses, and the continued Consciousness that survives beyond the body.

Okay, it's so casual that if he flubs a sentence, he just stops and re-reads it. No professional editing here. But, that's okay. It's not like I've got a lot of people in my life I can talk to about these things, so I just imagine that I'm actually having someone talk to me about past lives, life between lives, consciousness that continues, the evolution that appears to be going on from life to life, the groups, and what experts have to share.

There's a broad range of topics covered here, and because many of the stories related are peoples own personal past life hypnotic regressions, or interactions, much was new and thus interesting.

I like these books, but do wish the photos were in a pdf, they sound interesting.
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- Diana

Very Interesting

Any additional comments?

I have read all the books he talks about here and find this topic very interesting. The narration was not professional, but I like to listen to books read by the author. He speaks really fast so I slowed it down to .5 speed and it was much better to listen to and easy to follow.

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- Cat*Tail

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-21-2014
  • Publisher: Homina Publishing