Basic Concepts in Kabbalah

  • by Rabbi Michael Laitman
  • Narrated by Tony Kosinec
  • 3 hrs and 10 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Basic Concepts in Kabbalah is a gentle and wise introduction to the concepts and significance of Kabbalah. The audiobook presents ideas and principles in a comfortable manner, allowing the listener to feel at ease with ideas that can seem intimidating if presented in a more demanding fashion. Brief but intimate, the book encourages a second and third listening and further exploration into Kabbalah. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Kabbalah but these lessons are unified by a spirit that communicates directly to the listener's soul. A brief but powerful beacon of learning, the book has subtle force and is the ideal introduction to the art and science of Kabbalah. The concepts presented in the book have their roots in what is universally recognized as the authentic disclosure of Kabbalah, the Sulam Commentary on the Zohar, written in the 1930s by Yehuda Ashlag. Author Laitman is the genuine heir to these concepts, as they were personally passed on to him through years of study with Ashlag's eldest son and successor. This relationship is significant, as the listener is assured of having access to the true Kabbalah, not simply a contemporary writer's personal interpretations and "glossing over" of what are deeply complex lessons and ideas.
Rav Michael Laitman, Ph.D., is the authentic heir to the genuine Kabbalah and this unique book offers these concepts to listeners of all backgrounds. Easy to listen to, impossible to forget, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah is the ideal introduction to the spiritual power and wisdom that is Kabbalah.


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Customer Reviews

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Couldn't make it all the way through...

I tried to listen all the way through this one... The narrator did an excellent job. However, the sentence structure and words are very hard to follow, it's sounds like he simply published his dissertation.

I kept waiting for him to get-real, and come down-to-earth, but he went on and on with complicated sentences and scientific words... I gave up.

All I got out of it was the same thing Jesus said: The golden rule is to love your neighbor as your self.

He also mentioned that we have no will to make choices and that what we see and live is just an illusion, all controlled by the Creator; or something like that.
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- Gene

Not the basics at all

This book is interesting, however it is not the basics to Kabbalah by any means. It has very little information about Kabbalah, and it is written in such a way that I barely understood even a small percentage of the material.

I am advanced in metaphysical understanding and spiritual teachings, yet listening to this was like hearing words upon words upon words, little making any meaningful connection in my understanding. This book was very much more based on Philosophy than Spirituality, and as such I gained little value in my spiritual development. I did, however, gain some value from it.

I found it strange that the author said something along the lines of "Beware those who preach conclusions drawn from false or unprovable prior conclusions". Essentially the whole book was conclusions based on unprovable prior conclusions, many of which I believe are false based on other teachings and wisdow endowed upon me. It seemed a bit hypocritical in that regard.

At one part of the book, the author essentially said "One cannot instantly attune to their desires. They must slowly gain them over long periods of time with consistent practice of Kabbalah." I know for a fact that this is not true: One can instantly attune to their desires and, at a moments notice, BE their new desire and embody it wholly in consciousness and therefore manifest it in physical reality, with no time nor practice involved.

The book is filled with jargon, unrecognizable terms from another language, with no accompanying explanation. Most of it sounds like a man's opinion, since it does not have explanations for 90% of the material nor any scriptural or Kabbalic references to back it up.

I found this book hard to comprehend and difficult to get through. But I learned a few things, however this book is not as expected: Basics to Kabbalah. I would call this book: Advanced Theoretical Notions On The General Philosophy Of Life.

I am sure there are some people who will find great value out of this book.

In conclusion: Reader, go into this book forewarned that it has taken many assumptions in your learnedness, namely that you will understand all the jargon without any explanations or examples to make it understandable.
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- Faith "Goddess"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-08-2007
  • Publisher: Laitman Kabbalah Publishers