To the Best of Our Knowledge: The Creative Mind

  • by Jim Fleming
  • 2 hrs and 0 mins
  • Radio/TV Program

Publisher's Summary

In this hour, Charles Limb is a surgeon and musician who researches the way creativity works in the brain. He puts jazz musicians inside an fMRI to find out what the brain does during musical improvisation. Bass player Mike Pope is one of his subjects. Anne Strainchamps talks with them about the music and the science.
Next, creativity is hard-wired in the human brain, but we could all learn to be more creative. Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson's research has identified seven different modes of creative thinking. She tells Anne Strainchamps how we can all learn to amplify our own creative abilities.
Then, imagine beginning your life's work at age 72. In the 1770's, Mary Delaney invented the medium we now call collage. Her collection of botanically-correct floral collages is today housed in the British Museum. Poet Molly Peacock fell in love with the work and the artist and has written a meditation on both and on late-life creativity.
Finally, cosmologist Brian Swimme and Religion scholar Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the story of the origins of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present moment. They describe the universe as a story of unceasing creativity. They talk with Steve Paulson about their new book and film, Journey of the Universe. [Broadcast Date: August 17, 2011]


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  • Release Date: 08-17-2011
  • Publisher: Wisconsin Public Radio (To the Best of Our Knowledge)