Inner Sanctum: Romance Gone Wrong

  • by Milton Lewis, John Roeburt, Robert Sloane, Robert Newman, Harry Ingram, Gail Ingram, Sigmund Miller
  • Narrated by Raymond Edward Johnson, Paul McGrath
  • 5 hrs and 56 mins
  • Radio/TV Program

Publisher's Summary

Raymond is the host with the most…skeletons in the closet, that is. Welcome to the Inner Sanctum. Raymond Edward Johnson and Paul McGrath will be your playfully pernicious presenters, introducing eerie tales of scheming spouses and their deadly demands. It can be murder when brutal better halves take "'til death do us part" as a challenge. What does it sound like when a heart breaks? Maybe it sounds like Raymond's door…creaking like the opening of a long sealed casket, scraping like the chains of a prisoner on the dungeon floor, squealing like a listener who just can't take the suspense! This spine-chilling set includes 12 digitally restored and remastered stories of star-crossed characters that have loved and lost…their lives.
Episodes include: "Death Is an Artist" 01-23-45, "Death in the Depths" 02-06-45, "The Bog-Oak Necklace" 04-10-45, "The Black Art" 05-15-45, "The Lonely Sleep" 09-25-45, "Boomerang" 11-20-45, "The Edge of Death" 01-15-46, "The Confession" 01-22-46, "Blood of Cain" 01-29-46, "I Walk in the Night" 02-26-46, "Death Is a Double-Crosser" 03-26-46, "Eight Steps to Murder" 06-04-46.