Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Letters From the War Zone

  • by Michael Moore
  • Narrated by Michael Moore, Multiple Readers
  • 5 hrs and 14 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

American soldiers serve willingly. They risk their lives so the rest of us can be safe. The one small thing they ask is that they not be sent into harm's way unless it is absolutely necessary. But after being lied to about weapons of mass destruction and about the connection between al Qaeda and Iraq; after being forced by stop-loss orders to extend their deployment; after being undertrained, underequipped, and overworked long after George Bush declared Iraq "Mission Accomplished", these soldiers have something to say. From his famous 2003 Oscar acceptance speech to his record-breaking documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. But in this audiobook, Moore gives the spotlight to the real heroes of protest: the men and women who have fought in Iraq and want the American public to know how they feel about their mission and their Commander in Chief. Moore also fields letters from veterans of other wars and mothers, wives, and siblings of our soldiers in the field. They also express their anger and frustration, their tears and pain, and their hopes and prayers. Impassioned, accessible, and moving, these are letters that reveal the true hearts and minds of the men, women, and families on the front line.


What the Critics Say

Audie Award Finalist, Multi-voiced Performance, 2005


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Customer Reviews

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Listening to our soldiers is always smart!

A quick listen, a quick read, and an informative book. It doesn't matter where you stand politically. If you are open-minded, you will listen to our soldiers. They are the people that are risking their lives every day. Thank you, Michael Moore, for donating the proceeds of this book to the families who lost loved ones in Iraq.
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- Doctor Robert

More (Moore) partisan dribble

Just start by listening to the sample (Moore talking to a soldier, Moore speaking): "You do not owe me any apology. What did you do wrong? You believed your commander and chief. You're supposed to believe your commander and chief. You're in the Navy. All of us should be able to believe what comes out of the president?s mouth.? From this point: 1) Bush lied about the war, Iraq, everything. 2) A soldier who was in the war was apologizing for being in it. From this "staged" position Moore's attempt to use sarcasm is demeaning and sophomoric. What is supposed to come off as caring is only blatantly condescending. Diagram what Moore is doing: 1) Start with a scenario that is only plausible from a purely anti-bush/anti-war partisan position, 2) add condescension that is probably "over-the-top", 3) soft peddle this with even more arrogant condescension that is so thick it is palatable only to the blindly partisan followers. Just imaging standing in front of your peers and repeating Moore?s words and putting your reputation behind them (you are putting your money there). People wonder why there is so much hate in politics; Moore is putting himself at the top of the hate speech/vicious politics list with this book. People can disagree about Iraq and Bush, but this is so condescending that only those that are entirely partisan/anti war at all costs/Bush haters at all costs, would find it tolerable. If you consider yourself in the "HATE BUSH/IRAQ" crowd, then you will feed well on this book. For everyone else who is not blinded by thinly veiled pure partisanship, then let me suggest a new mantra: "anyone, anyone but Moore". This was all hype, no substance. Disappointing, I was hoping for some dialogue and discussion.
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- John

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-26-2004
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio