The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy Unabridged

  • by Jim Marrs
  • Narrated by John Pruden
  • 15 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

America's economy is in shambles. . . .
Its citizens are terrified and dissatisfied. . . .
Could it all have been planned by a secret elite one hundred years ago?
The New World Order. Hitler referred to it in his diaries. President George H. W. Bush foretold of it in his speeches. Formed by a secretive global elite, the group seeking this new order has taken hold of the nation and perhaps the world. Its influence pervades every reach of American society, from the products we buy at the grocery store to the topics of evening news programs.
But could it also be true that the New World Order caused one of the greatest financial catastrophes of our time?
For years, best-selling author and legendary conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs has exposed information that the mainstream corporate media has refused to report. Now, with a crisis upon us, Marrs has yet again unearthed the lies to expose the insidious alliances that make up a secret world.
Consider this: In 1910, a handful of the world's most powerful government and corporate men gathered on Jekyll Island to discuss matters at a private hunting lodge. The agenda? First, the overthrow of the sitting American president; second, the creation of a central bank, one headed by a succession of elitists who would unconstitutionally control America's money and its economy for decades. . . .
Flash forward one hundred years. Never before have the American people been so unhappy. Apathy and paralysis are the nation's guiding principles. Public education has repeatedly failed. More and more Americans rely on overpriced pills for remedies to fabricated illnesses. The average American household spends eight hours a day in front of the television, ruled by the vague fears of terrorist attacks and economic collapse. Control of the mass media has devolved to a mere five multinational corporations.


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Customer Reviews

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Critical thinkers need not apply

I thought this book was gonna be more "here's how the system was worked by rich dudes to transfer wealth and power to the banking elite", but it was more "everything is part of an orchestrated plan to gain total power and enslave the human race by the global elite".

It gets a bit nutso.

It starts out normal enough, talking about the Fed and our current financial credit disaster. Yes, central banking with a fiat currency results in inflation, which is a mechanism to transfer wealth. Rich people work to get richer.

Then it gets into medicine, and how we are all injected with undetectable viruses, and fluoride in the tap water is a mind control device, and the cancer cure exists, but the global elite keep it secret to use on themselves. Hmmm..

There was some good ol' Obama bashing, which I appreciate, since I don't really get a whole lot of it here in San Frantastic. This book, however, will have you conclude that he is not really just another crummy politician, he is part of the vast conspiracy to rule and enslave the world, perpetrated by the global elite.

When he got to chemtrails, this book lost all credibility to me.

So anyway. I was hoping this book would be well thought out, thought provoking and interesting. Instead it was severely one-sided, made use of backwards logic, used out-of-context quotes, and put forth social and political shortcomings as "proof" that there is a vast conspiracy. This is definitely not a book for the intelligent, thinking skeptic that sees more than one side to an issue.

This book makes great observations about problems in our society, but makes far-flung, conspiratorial conclusions, instead of analyzing the issues realistically.

The last part of the book, about guns, was neat though. I like guns, so I guess I'll keep my Beretta handy when the shock troopers of the global elite come knocking at my door to inject me with a microchip and send me to a concentration camp.
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- Sean

Thought Provoking

This is a must read for every concerned American Citizen. The author presents facts and information straight forward and lets the reader draw their own conclusion. I recomended this book to everyone I know. I will never look at banks, drug companies, and even the government in the same way.
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- Heather

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-29-2010
  • Publisher: HarperAudio