The End of America

  • by Naomi Wolf
  • Narrated by Karen White
  • 6 hrs and 12 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The Founding Fathers believed that the proper goal of the State was to make men and women free to develop their faculties and to pursue virtue and wisdom. Our Constitution was built around these principles, protecting civil liberties and developing a careful system of checks and balances that protected our freedom from tyranny.Naomi Wolf's latest work, The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, exposes how the escalation of executive power has eroded these core values and systems, limiting Congress's ability to make laws and our courts' power to interpret them - a scenario that our Founding Fathers foresaw and warned against. Wolf outlines in this citizen call to action - which is reminiscent of Thomas Paine's revered Common Sense - the real threats to our civil liberties that exist and explains how by working together we can stop the growing threat.The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot is the centerpiece to the American Freedom Agenda, a nonpartisan organization of which Naomi Wolf is a founding board member and which asks all Americans to support a "Freedom Pledge" to support only candidates who favor restoring the pillars of American liberty. It combines a wide host of partners, united in their belief that when it comes to the Constitution, we are neither conservative nor liberal; we are all Americans.


What the Critics Say

"Compellingly and cogently argued....Highly recommended." (Library Journal)


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Customer Reviews

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I wish everyone in Congress would read this

This is a well-thought-out, well-written book. After listening to it, I bought the print version.

The examples and analogies are well-chosen and not overwrought. Before reading the book, I'd often had discussions where I'd tried to make similar arguments. The problem is that most people seem to automatically cringe at any attempt to draw comparisons between prior fascistic governments and what's currently happening in the United States.

The reductio ad Hitlerum argument (term coined by Leo Strauss in 1950) is a "tactic...often used to derail arguments, [and] as such a comparison tends to distract and to result in angry and less reasoned responses." But, as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies (or Godwin's Law), which is sometimes confused with reductio ad Hitlerum, suggests, sometimes such comparisons are appropriate. Or, as George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

REMEMBERING, though, is not enough. There must be a RECOGNITION that what one remembers has application to the present. Otherwise, you won't know when the mistakes are being, or are about to be, repeated.

This book walks through the 10 steps -- and proposes that the model is predictive -- that democracies take on the path to becoming fascist states. This provides the tools for recognition. The arguments are both thought-provoking and compelling.

The narrator's voice is nice; almost TOO nice. She sounds almost seductive. Although I enjoyed listening to her, there were a couple of times I found her approach too relaxing: not conducive to attentive driving.

I wish I could afford to buy copies of this book to send to every United States Congressperson -- for STARTERS. I seriously considered purchasing a large number of copies to give away to some of my friends who take a laissez-faire approach the current U.S. government.

Maybe this book will help revive America before it's truly too late.
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- Rick Horowitz

Profound writing; wrong narrator

Naomi Wolf wrote a book that should be read by every citizen who's interested in saving the American republic and preserving our rights and constitution. It's a book suited to our current emergency. It is a compelling call to action with clear, coherent arguments. thoroughly documented and free of the shrill hyperbole that so often characterizes the modern political conversation.
Unfortunately, Karen White's narration is wholly inadequate to the task. Most of the time, she sounds like she's reading from a textbook, trying to sound engaged, but with hardly any connection to the material. Her over careful diction, and maddeningly slow narration display no understanding of the writing, and leave one lost in the middle of Wolf's careful constructed arc of ideas. I often thought while listening, that in this narration she defaulted to a lilting, overly modulated style with the little soft landings at the end of phrases more suited to bedtime stories or light novels that characterize some of her other narrations. There are times when she makes an attempt at urgency in her tone, but it comes across as faux stern, like she's lecturing a 4th grade class somewhere.
In short, no depth here. It was so disheartening to hear Wolf's writing so badly narrated that I had to give up listening. I think Audible should seriously consider a redo of this one. The book is too important to neglect.
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- Alfred

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-03-2008
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio