Police State

  • by Gerry Spence
  • Narrated by Alan Sklar
  • 16 hrs and 33 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

We all want to feel safe. But safe from what and from whom?
In his 60-plus years as a trial lawyer, Gerry Spence has never represented a person accused of a crime in which the police hadn't themselves violated the law. Whether by covering up their own corrupt dealings, by the falsification or manufacture of evidence, or by the outright murder of innocent civilians, those individuals charged with upholding the law break it every day - in ways more scandalous than the courts have dared admit. The police and prosecutors won't charge or convict themselves, and so the crimes of the criminal justice system are swept under the rug. Nothing changes.
Too many police officers are killers on the loose, and every uninformed American is a potential next victim. Police culture is mired in the dead weight of precedent and ruled by trigger-happy tyrants. Power will march our nation over the police state precipice unless "we the people" take action. The FBI's massacre of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, the killing of mortally wounded Fouad Kaady by a group of police officers, the torture of teenaged Dennis Williams by cops seeking a murder confession - again and again, the question arises: When the very men and women we pay to protect us instead persecute us every day, how can we be safe? In Police State, Spence slaps a stinging indictment upon the American justice system and puts forth a plan to restore liberty and justice for all.


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Fanatical Pontificating of a Defense Attorney

What would have made Police State better?

A more objective point of view.

What could Gerry Spence have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Mr. Spence lacked the ability to be impartial about anything.

Any additional comments?

I had extremely high hopes for this audio-book and anxiously awaited it’s release. Having purchased and downloaded I am extremely disappointed and regret wasting a credit. I once had a professor tell me that you should listen to people that you don’t agree with because we can’t always listen to views that mirror our own. Our lives would lack objectivity. I disappointed my old professor on this one. I absolutely could not stand listening to this book in its entirety and I gave it a good college try. If I as a liberal found this author’s assertions to be ludicrous and fanatical that says A LOT. I found his rambling no better than the “system” he was railing against. Garry Spence works quite feverishly at inciting an irrational fear of the government, or “big brother” as he referred to them on occasions in this book. Books or authors like this do more to discredit and dismiss meaningful dialogue and contemplation about police officers who abuse their power because this author offers “victims” that really aren’t victims and who died or had family members killed because of their outright defiance of law, courts and the judicial system. For the first time in life I actually despised defense lawyers while listening to this book. I am a staunch advocate for fair trials but Gerry Spence painted his past clients or the subjects of these books as if they were blameless and random victims being picked on for absolutely no reason at all when the common theme his patients had is that they were white supremacist, or apart of other hate groups and involved (no matter how minor) in illegal activity. I found myself listening in disbelief, shaking my head and when I began loudly shouting my own objections that was when I realized that I could no longer listen to the self-righteous pontifications of Mr. Spence and signed off. After hearing police officers, FBI agents and judges demonized and painted as if they were kill squads (yes … Mr. Spence actually refers to a warrant as a “death order” on several occasions) I was just flabbergasted. Every “lie” told by cops or FBI agents was blown way out of proportion as if that that alone were evidence of how evil the government is when in fact these same clients, suspects, criminals all lie so of course in the pursuit of apprehension, etc FBI agents, police officers lie. The book railed on and on about the criminality of the American justice system and how the rights of American citizens are trampled and gave lists of clients as his proof, yet none of these clients leave America. In particular he talks about how the Spanish government knew better, saved an innocent America and extolled them for their virtuous and careful investigations, Mr Spence and the Spanish government save the day, sue the horrible American government and his clients are 2 million dollars richer and yet their lives are ruined and they are so thankful to the Spanish ... however they have yet to move to their residency and citizenship to Spain. I just wonder what type of government would defense attorneys like Gerry Spence find acceptable because it seems he has forgotten that the democracy he lives in affords him the rights to compare them to “death squads” and liken officials to Hitler’s Nazi’s without having to face persecution.

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- Natasha


This book gives the listener a first hand view of how our judicial system has failed us as a society. Mr Spence is a warrior for justice and is a shining example of how we should all behave as citizens and use our ability as free Americans to stand against this tyrannical power hungry developing police state.
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- Mark "Earthrock"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-08-2015
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio