• by Matt Taibbi
  • Narrated by Patrick Egan
  • 11 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The dramatic story behind the most audacious power grab in American history.
The financial crisis that exploded in 2008 isn’t past but prologue. The stunning rise, fall, and rescue of Wall Street in the bubble-and-bailout era was the coming-out party for the network of looters who sit at the nexus of American political and economic power. The grifter class - made up of the largest players in the financial industry and the politicians who do their bidding - has been growing in power for a generation, transferring wealth upward through increasingly complex financial mechanisms and political maneuvers.
Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi here unravels the whole fiendish story, digging beyond the headlines to get into the deeper roots and wider implications of the rise of the grifters. He traces the movement’s origins to the cult of Ayn Rand and her most influential - and possibly weirdest - acolyte, Alan Greenspan, and offers fresh reporting on the backroom deals that decided the winners and losers in the government bailouts. He uncovers the hidden commodities bubble that transferred billions of dollars to Wall Street while creating food shortages around the world, and he shows how finance dominates politics, from the story of investment bankers auctioning off America’s infrastructure to an inside account of the high-stakes battle for health-care reform - a battle the true reformers lost.
Finally, he tells the story of Goldman Sachs, the “vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity”.
Taibbi has combined deep sources, trailblazing reportage, and provocative analysis to create the most lucid, emotionally galvanizing, and scathingly funny account yet written of the ongoing political and financial crisis in America. This is essential listening for anyone who wants to understand the labyrinthine inner workings of politics and finance in this country, and the profound consequences for us all.


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Save your money

Wow, what a disappointment. I read the Big Short by Michael Lewis and The Housing Boom and Bust by Thomas Sowell, both excellent and informative books about our current economic crisis so naturally I hoped that Griftopia would be another great, informative book but was I disappointed. The first hour of the book is an attack on the Tea Party, Bush and the Republicans (all idiots and racists), followed in the next hour by an attack on Ayn Rand who brainwashed Alan Greenspan. When the author speaks about mistakes made by the Democrats he hits them with a feather. I found little if any substance to this book. Save your money, tune into Keith Oberman or read Eugene Robinson and you will hear the same diatribe for free.
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- Dennis

Razor-sharp wit cuts through the clutter

I've enjoyed Matt Taibbi's appearances on television and some of his Rolling Stone writing, but had not had the chance to read his books. I looked forward to the release of this one, and wasn't disappointed, ordering it the day it was released and listening to it in long installments thanks to the Washington traffic.

Taibbi skewers both political parties and the entire media establishment for the mindlessness of what passes for discussion of what's happened to our economy since September, 2008, and before.

We're treated to a hysterical Taibbi review of the maiden voyage of USS Sarah Palin at the GOP National Convention (her hair in a bumpup that looked like a Flight Attendant for Piedmont, in a dress that screamed Wal-Mart Halloween Costume for angry white middle-aged female), then introduced to the events that were even then unfolding, without our knowledge, as our economic system was forever changed.

He actually got me to understand what a credit default swap is! It's a simple, easy-to-understand guide through the impenetrable gobbledeegook of Wall Street, and an indictment of all the media who haven't told us much of anything -- and of the politicians in both T-Shirts who want to keep it that way.

Read it. I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations, Matt Taibbi, and thank you for helping us understand.
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- Mike "Mike is a national communications professional whose firm, Mike Collins Public Relations, has offices in Tampa and Washington, DC"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-02-2010
  • Publisher: Random House Audio