Darwin on Trial

  • by Phillip E. Johnson
  • Narrated by Frederick Davidson
  • 6 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Darwin's theory of evolution is accepted by most educated Americans as simple fact. This easy acceptance, however, hides from us the many ways in which evolution - as an idea - shapes our thinking about a great many things. What if this idea is wrong? What if "evolution" is just a word that covers up scientific ignorance of how the wonders of the living world could have been created?
Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson looks at the evidence for Darwinistic evolution the way a lawyer would - with a cold dispassionate eye for logic and proof. His discovery is that scientists have put the cart before the horse. They prematurely accepted Darwin's theory as fact and have been scrambling to find evidence for it - mostly unsuccessfully. As the evidentiary difficulties have piled up, scientists have clung to the theory out of fear of encouraging religious fundamentalism, and in the process have turned belief in Darwinism into their own religion.


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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good book

I quite liked this book. I would certainly disagree with the reviewers who felt that this book was a fraud, or that it contained no facts, etc. In fact, I haven't really seen what I would consider a good post against it here (granted, as I write this, there are only 9 reviews, some of those are positive, so it's not a real large sample) The book does a good job of laying out why the author believes there are holes in Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Thoe who claim that it pushes "Creationism" are clearly listening with a bias, as it does no such thing. The author spends his time pointing out what he believes are flaws in Darwin's theory & sharing why he thinks so. If you are a die-hard evolutionist, you will probably hate the book. If you are a die-hard creationist, you will probably love it. If you are open minded about these kinds of things, you may well find it interesting to hear this perspective on the argument.
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- mkral

Should Be Required Reading/Listening

The data here is a great beginning to the counter-offensive needed to combat the "Stupid Science" that continues to both defy simple logic and be taught in public schools. Why must those who "claim" to be Scientific refuse (with hyper-religious zeal) to calmly discuss the possibility/probability of Supernatural Creation?

Should be read/heard by all, especially by those who would be terrified by the prospect of the existance of a Biblical God.

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- Steve

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-16-1999
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.