Contract Law

  • by AudioOutlines
  • Narrated by Rafi Nemes, J.D.
  • 2 hrs and 36 mins
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Publisher's Summary

In Contract Law, we discuss the basic rules of contract law, which apply in most jurisdictions throughout the United States. We also provide various examples and analysis to help you understand how the rules apply to real world situations.Key topics include:

Applicable law - the common law or the Uniform Commercial Code;
Contract formation, and offer and acceptance;
Advertisements, termination of offers, irrevocable offers, and the mailbox rule;
Statute of frauds;
Defenses to contract formation - illegality, lack of capacity, duress, unconscionability, misrepresentation, and mistake;
How terms of a contract are determined and the parol evidence rule;
The material breach rule under the common law;
The perfect tender rule under the UCC;
Anticipatory repudiation;
Discharge from a contract - rescission, release, and accord and satisfaction;
Third party involvement with contracts: third party beneficiaries, assignments, delegation, and novation; and
Breach of contract remedies.

Contract Law is a must listen for law students, for anyone taking the bar exam, and for anyone else interested in learning about what is taught in law school and what is tested on bar exams.
AudioOutlines™ creates educational material customized for audio that is designed to simplify the learning process and help you gain a solid understanding of the subject matter. Listen and learn with AudioOutlines™.
Disclaimer: Please note that this publication is for informational purposes only, and is provided as-is. AudioOutlines™ does not render legal or other professional advice.


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  • Release Date: 01-22-2015
  • Publisher: AudioOutlines, LC