Bush Country

  • by John Podhoretz
  • Narrated by John Podhoretz
  • 5 hrs and 8 mins
  • Abridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

George W. Bush arrived in the White House an untested governor with an unfortunate habit of tripping over his own tongue, presiding over an economy slipping into recession, and a nation more obsessed with reality television than with the reality of international terrorism. He was considered by many opinion-leaders a dupe, an illiterate, a cowboy, a preppie, a child of privilege who would never have made it to the White House without the help of his ex-President father. Now, with his first term coming to an end, it is clear to John Podhoretz that Bush has become, and will be remembered, as one of this nation's strongest leaders. He has changed the country's agenda from top to bottom. Steeled by the tragedy of September 11, he has responded with visionary power and towering authority. He has presided over victories in two wars and a triumphant repositioning of his party. His secret: the willingness to spend political capital rather than hoard it. Bush Country makes its case with style and verve. Here is an engrossing and entertaining portrait that proves that "misunderestimating" our forty-third President is folly indeed.


What the Critics Say

"Provocative, witty, in-your-face, and honest." (Publishers Weekly)
"Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President While Driving Liberals Insane is an unapologetic apologia, a cheerfully demotic assault on the president's detractors designed to inflict maximum damage in the shortest space of time....Despite the flippant title, Bush Country is serious stuff, a line drawn in the sand with passion." (The New York Times Book Review)


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Customer Reviews

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Prescient and Refreshing

The facts that Podhoretz brings into near categorical alignment speak for themselves. My fellow reviewers have failed even to note a single "balloon-trick" from the tome. The author clearly favors the Bush presidency, but spares no expense to qualify his enthusiasm with genuine criticism on certain Bush policies. This is not twisting, but unambiguous articulation. But one thing Podhoretz does incredibly well is explain the overall spectrum of successes the Bush administration has had (whether or not you agree with the successes). The quick list runs like this: 2 major tax cuts, 2 successful wars, prescription drug program, homeland security, foreign policy alignment, affirmative action, and stem cell research. Bush has dealt with a whole host of issues, and most of them have gone his way. The author's description of Bush as a Poker Player can hardly be called an amorous analogy, but it accurately portrays the strategy. What my fellow reviewers can't stand is that people actually DO listen to this stuff. They rightly note that it's too early to call Bush a "great" president, but IMHO, this is just a time factor. I highly recommend this audio book.
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- Justin

There is one BIG mistake in this book...

Actually, there are lots of big mistakes in this book, but the FIRST major mistake is the fact that it is classified as NONfiction. I mean, come on... Any book with a subtitle that includes the phrase "How Dubya Became a Great President" HAS to be fiction. Actually, now that I think about it some more, ten years ago if anyone had written a novel with a plotline about the idiot, alcoholic son of a failed president becoming president himself, the book would never have found a publisher. Absolutely unbelieveable, they would have said. Utter fantasy, and poorly conceived fantasy at that. Yet here we are. And now John Podhoretz, an alleged journalist from the New York Post (what? Were all the writers at the National Enquirer busy that weekend?) manipulates and twists the facts as quickly as a street mime making a balloon hat. But political fantasy is still fantasy. The only thing this book is missing is a hobbit or two...
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- Steven

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-30-2004
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio