Because They Hate

  • by Brigitte Gabriel
  • Narrated by Brigitte Gabriel
  • 9 hrs and 39 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Brigitte Gabriel lost her childhood to militant Islam. In 1975 she was 10 years old and living in Southern Lebanon when militant Muslims from throughout the Middle East poured into her country and declared jihad against the Lebanese Christians. It became the first front in what has become the worldwide jihad of fundamentalist Islam against non-Muslim peoples. For seven years, Brigitte and her parents lived in an underground bomb shelter without running water or electricity and very little food.Because They Hate is a political wake-up call. Brigitte warns that the United States is threatened by fundamentalist Islamic theology in the same way Lebanon was; radical Islam will stop at nothing short of domination of all non-Muslim countries. Fiercely articulate and passionately committed, Gabriel both tells her own story and outlines the history, social movements, and religious divisions that have led to this critical historical conflict.


What the Critics Say

"A compelling and captivating personal story with a powerful lesson about threats to freedom in our time." (R. James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence, 1993-95)
"Brigitte Gabriel's story is at once intensely personal and possesses global significance....[Her] words should be read, and studied carefully, by all the law enforcement and government officials of the West as well as by everyone who values freedom." (Robert Spencer, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades))


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Customer Reviews

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Best audio book I've listened to, do date!

I've listened to well over two dozen audio books from Audible. I'd have to say the Middle East, Israel, Islam, etc., are at the top of my reading and listening list.

I have read and listened to such great scholars, historians and writers as Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Dore Gold, Kenneth Timmerman, Bernard Lewis, Martin Gilbert, Paul Johnson, etc.

Brigitte Gabriel --- "Because They Hate" --- has got to be amongst the most riveting and captivating of all!

Why do I say this? Because unlike many of our great scholars and writers, Brigitte Gabriel lived it. She knows the Arab world and the Muslim-Arab mind on an intimate and a personal level. Her life's story in southern Lebanon is compelling, shocking, gripping and at times heartrending.

She speaks with passion and authority. I am not putting down scholarship and I will continue to study our many fine scholars and experts, yet this book is a must for anyone interested in the threat we face here in the west. It's superb!
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- Steve

Impressive but...

You can't help but be impressed, sobered, scared, and angered by the true-life story told by Brigitte Gabriel. She is articulate, thoughtful, and brave and has seen radical Islam from a perspective few in the USA can share. Her great fear is that the same tragedy that befell Lebanon also awaits us because we too will fail to understand the enemy until it is too late. If you have ever worried that it may not be possible to negotiate with radical Islam, then this book will probably confirm your worst fears.

It is unfortunate, however, that the author doesn't limit her book to describing what she has seen and experienced, because when she wanders into analysis, generalizations, and solutions, her voice is not so sure.

For example, she vilifies the ACLU with a contempt that simply could not be conveyed if she weren't reading the book herself. It is also understandable that she would have a warm spot for Israel since they were much kinder to her than was her own country, but she puts Israel on a pedestal that the facts just don't support. Finally, she seems to jump from legitimate concerns about the threat of militant Islam to total support for everything the Right in this country has proposed without so much as glancing around for alternatives.

I found her story very compelling and frightening which I think was her main objective. However, I think her solutions could use some work.
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- Dale L

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-18-2007
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio